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1 November 2001

Dr. G is starting to teach me how to take blood pressures. My first attempt was not successful. I had to let the patient know that she was dead.

She took it well.

I've watched nurses take blood pressures for all my life and it seems so simple. In actuality it's like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, while standing on one leg.

It may take awhile before I perfect this technique!

I'm gradually learning the new job. The difficulty is again in all those hats. Trying to remember everything, and sometimes juggle everything at the same time. To go from bookkeeping to medical assistant, but remember to take the telephone with you while you're helping with a patient because if it rings, you have to be a receptionist. And when it's all over, you're the janitor. It's not that it's not do-able. It's just that I haven't gotten into the rhythm of it yet, after only 3 days in the job. I'm sure it will come eventually.

The question is whether the rhythm of life in this country will ever get back to normal. I wish George Bush and John Ashcroft would get their act together. Ashcroft tells us that they suspect another major terrorist attack and that we should all be on heightened alert, while Bush tells us that we have to live our life normally to prove that we aren't going to be defeated by terrorists.

I'm not quite sure what this means. Go to the malls on Halloween because it's good for the economy, but be very wary because somebody might blow a mall up somewhere that day.

Go to the World Series, but be sure to report anybody suspicious looking to the guards standing there with guns.

Something about military men in camouflage get-up holding guns that really make you relax and enjoy what you're doing, isn't there?

While we're all on heightened alert for suspicious looking people (which describes just about everybody in my life--how about that guy with the eye patch? Ever seen anybody look more suspicious?), all the businesses are hopping on the bandwagon. War makes for good advertising. Be patriotic! Take out a loan! Buy a car! Buy a house. Buy...buy...buy. The president tells us it's the patriotic thing to do. Stimulate the economy. But be on heightened alert as you write your check because you never know when some terrorist is going to sneak up on you.

And when the stuff you've bought shows up in the mail, maybe you should have it irradiated first, in case it's loaded with Anthrax. At the very least, open while wearing rubber gloves.

We should all feel guilty. We're not traveling enough, so United Airlines is going under. (I guess our two trips to England on United last year weren't enough to keep them in business). So everybody go out and buy a plane ticket. To anywhere. Pay no attention to that man in the back with the bulge in his pocket (are you a security guard, or are you just glad to see me?) But if you notice the plane losing altitude and headed in the direction of a tall building, take out your cell phone and quickly phone home to say goodbye to loved ones.

At least you'll die knowing you were acting normally and helping the economy.

As I write this, the news is on and they are giving advice for keeping kids safe this Halloween. How we should alert authorities if there is anything suspicious.

Have fun, kids, but be on heightened alert.

When did I die and move into a Kurt Vonnegut novel?

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