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Today I'm starting with magnets off my friend Diane's fridge, in Seattle.

This is a magnet that Peggy brought to Diane when we visited there last October.


Someone suggested I add a discussion board, so I have.

If you have anything to discuss, go to this link. Feel free to start a new discussion on anything.

(of course I'm adding this right before I go out of town for 2Ĺ weeks!)


A Heartbreaking Work
of Staggering Genius

by David Eggers


West Wing

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3 May 2001

The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth
The wind is the hand of our father the sky
The wind watches over our struggles and pleasures
The wind is the goddess who first learned to fly

--John Denver & Joe Henry

It was ironic that I got into the car and the very first lyrics I heard were from John Denverís Windsong. Ironic because the wind was blowing about 40 mph and I just had to leave the gas station because the wind had knocked out the power to all the pumps!

Wind was the weather news all over northern California. I was driving to San Rafael to have lunch with my mother and fought the wind all the way. It seemed there were more semiís on the freeway than usual, and of course each time I had to pass one, I was sure a gust of wind was going to knock it over and smash me flat. Obviously that didnít happen.

But downed tree limbs were visible everywhere on the side of the road, power lines had been knocked out in some places, and the wind was pretty much making a mess everywhere. Highway officials even closed the Antioch bridge because of fear of a truck being blown over the side, and part of a freeway was closed because of visibility problems with blowing dust and debris.

Despite that, I made it to San Rafael safely and had a nice visit with my mother. We checked out her rose and orchid garden and watched the dove nesting in a hanging basket on her front porch.

The wind is the bearer of bad and good tidings
The weaver of darkness, the bringer of dawn
The wind gives the rain, then builds us a rainbow
The wind is the singer who sang the first song

I donít know if it was wind that brought the rain, but yesterday we had word that the rain in England has completely changed our upcoming travel plans.

We leave this weekend with our friends Mike and Char to go to England and take a canal boat cruise for 8 days. The plan was to cruise from Bath to Reading, which takes 8 days by boat and 45 minutes by train (which gives you some idea of the pace of this vacation!). This part of the waterway is riddled with locks and we were particularly eager to encounter the Caen Hill locks (you must click on that link and look at the locks--I've never seen anything quite like it). But yesterday I received e-mail from the tour boat operator who says,

Regrettably the very wet conditions have meant that we have been unable to get to Bath (or anywhere near it!). However the rivers are finally receding and we anticipate being able to finally get onto the Thames this weekend. Thus the cruise has of necessity been rescheduled to start at Weybridge and cruise up the Thames via Windsor, Henley, & Reading, finishing at Oxford.

It now appears that we will miss the locks and have a vastly different tour, but weíre still looking forward to it. Yesterday a lot of time was spent rearranging accommodations and re-thinking what we want to do on our first two days in England.

Weíve never done anything like this before (a cruise of any kind) and havenít traveled with Mike and Char for many years (weíve never gone on a vacation together where it hasnít rained, so itís nice to see that this trip is starting out on the right foot!). We also wanted to return to Oxford after an abbreviated trip several years ago, and now we can.

I checked out a web page with the altered route and the pictures look wonderful, so Iím very excited about the trip, even if itís not quite what we envisioned originally.

Itís obviously an ill wind that doesnít blow someone some good!

Have you ever had to make major vacation changes at the last minute? Come to the discussion board and tell us about it! (Mary, this means YOU!!)

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