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Nothing yet. I finished
The Third Pandemic
on the plane.

on the trip I finished

A Heartbreaking Work
of Staggering Genius

and also read

House of Sand and Fog,
Bouncing Off the Moon, and
A Year in Provence


Fell asleep watching
the finale of
Third Rock

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23 May 2001

It was an unusual day.

I didnít put on shoes most of the day.

When I went out, I got into a car.

When I went to the post office to pick up our vacation mail, nobody else was in the parking lot with me.

When I went to the supermarket, there was only one person in line ahead of me.

I think Iím back in Davis.

Of course we also came back to a terrible heat wave, the first "spare the air day," the start of "fire season", and gas prices that are $2.03 for the cheap stuff.

I also came back to a whole raft of writing assignments (kind of nice, actually), including a travel report on the trip, and four shows coming up in the next week or so that need overnight reviews written. Whew. Back in the saddle again with a vengeance. (I havenít called to let the psychiatrist know Iím back yet, though...)

Yesterday, I spent the day trying to go through the 37 disks worth of digital pictures I took. Iíve started loading them to Club Photo, for those who just canít wait to see pictures. But it may take another two days before I get them all up. Iím pleased with some of them, however. Some didnít turn out as well as Iíd hoped, but you get the general idea, I think.

Ned brought Kimba home in the afternoon. Sheíd spent the two weeks living at Nedís house and got along well with the pugs and the cat. But she seemed to be glad to be home. I was surprised to discover I was actually happy to see her.

I was scheduled to attend a movie last night. It was a showing of "Scouting for All," a movie about Scott Coza, who has started an organization to make people aware of the discrimination within the Boy Scouts of America. Coza himself was due to be there and it was a very big deal. But when the time came, Walt and I both decided we just werenít up to a movie, so we flaked on the deal. I kind of feel guilty about that, but it was so nice not to have to go anywhere.

Itís been interesting listening to the local news since weíve been back. There are two great stories--one about how we must do all we can to cut down on energy use because of our crisis here in California, the other about how burglars are taking advantage of open windows on hot nights. So you are supposed to keep your air conditioner off, but not open your window because someone might break into your house. Swell. Who said California is the golden state!

Another interesting item is a brouhaha about dogs and leashes and how strict they are starting to get with laws about keeping all dogs on leashes. This is a logical move, since there seems to be an escalation in dog attacks lately, but I am reminded of a poster we saw in Hyde Park which cautions that if a person is walking more than four dogs they may not be in control of all of them, and so they limit each person to four dogs, two of which must be on leash. In the public park. I wonder if the dogs are different, the owners are different, or the attitude is different.

Basically, it was kind of a disjointed day...the kind of day you have when you're trying to get back in the groove again after a vacation.

One Year Ago:
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