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The Third Pandemic
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A Heartbreaking Work
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House of Sand and Fog,
Bouncing Off the Moon, and
A Year in Provence


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22 May 2001

In case anybody is wondering, it's a lovely day in Greenland today. I mean...how often do you get the chance to photograph Greenland, for heaven's sake!

We have been in transit all day and I can't believe that even I am not up for a long journal entry today, so you get what you get.

The day started with my last trip up to Internet Access to post yesterday's journal, then breakfast at the hotel, and then we finished packing, hopped a cab and went to Paddington Station to catch the Heathrow Express, a train which whips you out to Heathrow in 15 minutes. You can even check your luggage at the train station.

We had time to kill, so Walt wandered the train station while I sat, guarding the luggage and people-watching. Met a couple of women from Maryland who were waiting for their friend to return. The friend had lost her wallet and had gone back to the hotel to see if she'd left it there.

We got to Heathrow and made it through all the mazes you have to follow in order to get to your plane. Nobody is ever going to accuse the British of being lax about their security!

I tried to use a free e-mail machine, just because it was there, but it was ridiculously cumbersone and frustratingly slow, so I gave up.

The flight was pretty bumpy in spots and the movies were ho-hum (The Wedding Planner and 13 Days). On our flight over, the plane had built in TV monitors for each seat. On this flight it was the old-fashioned kind with the bad-reception TV hanging from the ceiling. It did not make watching mediocre movies appealing.

My main problem with this flight was space. As my girth has expanded, flying becomes more awkward. I can still buckle a seatbelt, so don't have to suffer the indignity of asking for a belt extender, but there is no way that the tray table is ever going to come down and lie flat in front of me. I generally can work around this, but with the non-existent legroom on planes these days, if the person in front of me decides to recline the seat back, there is no way in hell I can use the table. It barely opens at all.

On the flight over, the flight attendant was very observant and discreet and asked the person sitting in front of me if he would mind raising his seat for the meal, which he did. She never even asked me; she just did it. On this flight, however, the attendant was oblivious and I was trying to hold my tray of food with one hand and open tightly sealed packages with the other. It was very depressing, but I was too proud to make an issue of it.

Nonetheless, It was lovely to see San Francisco finally come into view.

Oh, Toto...there's no place like home!


Are you an organized traveler? Or do you put things off till the last minute, like I do?
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