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After the boat trip, we are staying in London at the Commodore Hotel, near Hyde Park (and next door to the Brasilian Consulate--we've stayed here before).

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Oh my aching back!

17 May 2001

I wish there were something good I could say about last night, but in truth, there isn't.

We arrived in London mid-afternoon, I did my turn at a cyber cafe one block from the hotel, to get my "fix" for the day, and then we gathered laundry and went to a laundrette/sandwich shop, where we spent the next hour or so getting all the sweaty clothes washed. I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know I have clean knickers again.

It was raining all this time, and once we got back to the hotel, I really didn't feel like doing much, but Walt, who can't bear to waste a minute (I envy him) went downtown to wander around. By the time he came back, I'd rested enough that I was ready to go out, so we went to a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner. Then back to the hotel, Walt went walking in Hyde Park, and I watched Little Man Tate. I think that I was feeling (and I know I am feeling today) the effect of 8 days of the calm, quiet of the river and really not ready to leap into the busy hustle and bustle of London.

So finally Walt came home and it was time to go to bed. I should mention, if I have not before, that I have a very hard time sleeping. At home, I've given up sleeping in bed and I spend my nights in the reclining chair. On the boat, I would wake up at some ungodly hour--like midnight or 1 a.m., or, if I was lucky, 3, and go out to the lounge, where I could take my duvet (quilt) and sit in a chair with my feet stretched out in front of me and hopefully sleep a bit more. The bed was comfortable, but it was a single bed, only 3/4 or 1/2 width and not the best for me to sleep (I'll get into all that when I do the "real" trip journal when I get home.

The hotel where we are staying now is a place where we've stayed before. Ironically, one reason I was glad we were going here is because I know they have a "lift" (elevator) and so wouldn't have to worry about climbing stairs. And no, we don't. We take the lift to the 6th floor and then by this circuitous route, climb over to the "tower" part of the hotel, across a walkway and down a very narrow winding set of steps to the 5th floor to our room. I'm actually climbing more stairs than I would have at another hotel without a lift!

But I digress.

Our room is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny. In it is a very high double bed, a very large wardrobe, a desk and a chair. There is very little room for anything else. If you sit on the end of the bed, you touch the wall. If you sit onone side of the bed, you touch the desk, and if you sit on the other side of the bed, you touch the luggage you've placed in front of the wardrobe.

The bed is comfortable enough for normal people, but it's very high, as I said, and it has a lovely wooden headboard, but the headboard is not attached. So every time you move, the headboard bangs loudly against the wall. I decided that this must not be a room where much passionate lovemaking goes on, or there would be a hole in the wall.

I was acutely aware of the noise of the headboard every time I moved and I simply could not find a comfortable position. I fell asleep at 10 and was awake the first time at 11:45. When I turned over, the headboard banged. I tried everything. No position was comfortable. I had daggers sticking in my back. Several times I tried sitting in the desk chair and piling pillows on the desk and sleeping that way, but that didn't work. I thought of making a bed on the floor but there wasn't enough room. I would doze off but wake up in 30 or 40 minutes. All. Night. Long.

Finally, at 4:30 I got up and took a shower, got dressed, and as the light was starting to come in the window (that's the other thing--there are no window shades to shut out the light and it gets light at 4:30 a.m.; the hotel is also the temperature of a sauna and we had to keep the window open just to keep from suffocating--and it rained last night.)...I went outside and walked up to the cyber cafe for an hour on the Internet answering e-mail. Thank god for the 24-hour open place!! I was back in the hotel again before Walt ever woke up.

But today has gone better (details tomorrow) and we managed to secure tickets for Lion King for tonight, so it should be a good evening. Also, it hasn't rained in a couple of hours, so I'm even starting to dry out.

Don't mean to sound like I'm not enjoying myself--in a masochistic way, I am. It's just not the very best day I've ever spent in London!

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