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1 May 2001

Peggy has a friend named Monty. Monty is a computer guru and he keeps her computer running. When the hard drive crashes, Monty comes and fixes it. When things freeze up and she canít do anything, he takes the computer home and fixes it. When she has any computer problem, she calls Monty. He's taken her computer apart so many times he can probably do it in the dark. For all I know he has done it in the dark.

I want Monty.

Last week, I took the "new" computer to the shop to have the A drive checked, since it had stopped reading disks. It cost a $60 diagnostic fee to discover that the cable had gone bad and it was replaced for $6.50.

Monty could have done that minus the $60, Iím sure.

I have also been having problem holding a connection to the Internet and I talked with my service provider about that. They gave me a command that overrides the INI settings (the guyís name wasnít Monty, but he did it over the phone for me for free). I was starting to feel encouraged that maybe this simple command had fixed the problem. That still may be the case. I havenít been home long enough with "play time" to give it the acid test.

Today I decided to spend some time making a music CD, which Iíve been wanting to do for some time. I have all the equipment for it. I wanted to do a compilation of favorite songs and Iíd been recording them onto my hard drive every now and then and had finally compiled enough to fill a CD. Today was the day I was going to give it a whirl.

Iím new at this, so it took me a couple of tries (and a couple of CD coasters made) to get it right, but finally there I was. I had my song list, I had my CD burner, I had my blank CD. I was ready, baby!!!

I also had a lunch date with the other reviewer for the newspaper, and, since when Peggy instructed me in how to do all this months ago, she told me that the best way to record a CD was to just leave it alone, donít do anything else on the computer and come back when itís all done, I figured lunch would be the perfect excuse to get me out of the house and prevent my impatient fingers from botching things up.

Sure enough. When I came home, there was my CD all finished and gleaming. I was so thrilled, I decided Iíd make a copy for Peggy too to show her what a wonderful job Iíd done.

The dishes needed doing, so I set up for a second copy and dutifully left the office. I decided Iíd play my shiny new CD while I was doing the dishes and while the second copy was magically being created.

I put the CD on and there it was--the first track, sounding all wonderful. I was a happy camper.

But then the second track started and it skipped and scratched and was essentially unplayable. I fast forwarded to track #3. Same thing. I then went through all 17 tracks. #2, #3, #8, and #11 are not able to be played. And #11 has no sound at all.

I retrieved the test CD Iíd made and put that one on. Sure enough, #2, 3, 8, and 11 were not able to be played on that one either.

So I went back to the computer and cancelled the session that was in progress.

I started Windows Media Audio and checked the songs that had been recorded onto my hard drive and the songs in 2, 3, 8, and 11 position sound just fine when played off the hard drive. I canít figure out why they wonít record right onto the CD.

Ever the optimist, I thought Iíd try it one more time.

I fired up the CD burner, called up the stored file and hit "burn CD." The computer tells me there is no CD burner installed.

On top of that, when I attempt to remove the blank CD that is in the drive, the drive door wonít open.

If this means another $60 diagnostic fee for a $5 fix, it may be a long time before Iíll be able to use the CD burner.

Maybe it would be cheaper to pack up the computer and move to Australia and insist that Peggy share Monty with me.

I think that, for all my talk, Iím definitely not ready to live in the 21st century.

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