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A Medieval Home Companion:
Housekeeping in the 14th Century

On grooming:

Take care that you are respectably dressed without introducing new fashions, and without too much or too little ostentation. Before you leave your room or the house, first see that the collars of your shift, your petticoat, your frock or your coat do not overlap as is the case with some drunken, silly or ignorant women, who, not considering their reputation or the propriety of their rank, or that of their husbands, go about with gaping eyes, heads appallingly elevated, like a lion, their hair sticking out of their headdresses, and the collars of their shifts and dresses overlapping--walking mannishly and conducting themselves before people indecently and without shame.

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In a Sunburned Country
by Bill Bryson


I can't believe I slept thru Survivor and missed Jerri getting kicked off!

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30 March 2001

I began to have a hint that something was wrong when an army of invisible little men , armed with little pick axes and jackhammers, all whistling "hi ho, hi ho, itís off to Bev I go" marched across my abdomen and started mining for whatever they thought was interesting to mine for.

At first there was only a hint that maybe something was not right. A little twinge here and there. I assume this means that all the crew hadnít reported for work yet. But by the time they all got there, it was getting pretty damn painful.

The guys would take coffee breaks and I could function ok. I spent a couple of hours with my mother-i-law, taking her to a mall. It was my morning with Ma Barker. She had purchased a jacket two weeks before and after a week, she discovered that the anti-theft tag was still on it; she wanted to go back to Macyís to return it. Walt advised me to walk two steps behind her so nobody would accuse ME of trying to sneak stolen goods into the store. I told her I wanted to bring the camera in case they decided to frisk her. What great pictures for the journal.

But alas, it was all very cut and dried. The anti-theft device set off no bells or whistles when it passed the anti-theft machines, the clerk believed that she really wasnít trying to sneak it out of the store, and our adventure had a very anticlimactic ending.

Well, anti-climactic except for those little guys who kept chiseling away at my abdomen. I began to suspect that things really werenít quite right when the mother-in-law offered to take me to lunch at La Bou, with all those wonderful pastries, and all I felt like was soup--and I didnít even finish that. Nor did I eat the bread. Something was obviously dreadfully wrong.

We walked back to the car and it was very good to sit. All that walking had me wanting to double over, but I wasnít going to admit it.

I spent a little time at her house, while the guys continued to come and go on their own schedule. When I finally left, I went to pick up my Breaking Barriers client. I drove her to CARES, then while she was having her appointment, I stopped by the office (passing by the bread store where I stash the car, buying a loaf of my favorite, asiago bread, to justify my using the parking lot while I was at Breaking Barriers).

The little guys continued to come and go, but they were getting a lot less polite about it and it was becoming more difficult to put up with them.

I stopped at the post office on the way home and as I got out of the car I had this wave of...oh dear! I think I really am sick. It was the familiar flu-feeling. Achy muscles, kinda dizzy sort of feeling. I quickly finished my business at the post office and came home.

When I got here, I collapsed. I didnít check e-mail. I didnít lather up a piece of asiago bread with butter. I didnít do anything but climb into the recliner and fall asleep, which was where Walt found me when he came home two hours later.

We found the thermometer and discovered that my temperature was 102.3. Well, at least I was vindicated. I really was sick.

For the next umpteen hours, I just slept and woke briefly and slept and woke briefly. I donít know how much sleep I had but my first real awake time came 12 hours after I first hit the recliner. I was up long enough to write to Peggy to tell her I wouldnít be chatting, and to put up a quick journal entry (well, we do have our priorities, donít we?) and then back to sleep for another few hours.

I donít remember when the bowels turned to water. Amazing how much activity you can have in a bathroom when youíve had nothing to eat for nearly 24 hours.

For awhile it was manageable. But then my body lost all control. The walk from one end of the house to the other (a walk of 15-20 steps) was too far. I did a lot of laundry in the middle of the night.

I was supposed to interview a guy on campus, but I knew that was impossible. We attempted to do it by e-mail. (Iím still waiting for the answers to my questions)

One day stretched into two. The fever lasted for two days and finally broke somewhere around 5 a.m. Thursday morning. I was still having diarrhea, but Ned kindly brought me some Immodium and I think that just maybe Iím on the road to recovery.

I suppose there are some good things about having the flu. I had a legitimate reason to do absolutely nothing but sleep...and I think Iíve made up about six months worth of sleep in the last 3 days. And I also finally saw Gladiator today, since I wasnít feeling well enough to get up and work, but I finally didnít need to sleep around the clock. (Though I question whether Gladiator was the right movie for someone who was mired in her own gore already.) I also think I lost about 5 lbs from not eating and getting rid of as much as I did.

But one thing is finally clear--the little guys with the pick axes and jackhammers seem to have finished their shift at long last. And good riddance to them!

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