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The guy in the car is saying, "My parents brought me here when I was a kid. As we were leaving, they ran into some old friends and began talking. They kept saying we were leaving, but kept talking and talking...to this day I still drive by now and then to check on them."

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27 March 2001

I love Waltís family.

That would be his mother, his brother and his sister. Theyíre good, loving, fun people to be around. But it drives me crazy to have to say goodbye to any of them.

You see, Waltís family, for some reason or other, just canít bring themselves to say goodbye. Over the years it has been the bane of the in-lawsí existence. It drives me nuts. It drives my sister-in-law nuts (his brotherís wife), and now I see that it is driving my daughter-in-law nuts too, as Ned seems to have acquired the family trait. Iíll have to check with Tomís new girlfriend to see how she is about goodbyes.

Itís not that they canít say goodbye. Obviously in 35 years weíve seen a lot or goodbyes, but good byes go on forever. We call it "Hour Baur" (Baur is Walt's mother's maiden name)

Itís worse than the goodbye of a group of Latin American students, who canít leave the house until they have hugged everyone at least once. We once had a group of Chilean students visiting in our living room and it was 30 minutes of group hugs before everyone had been hugged enough that they could bear the thought of actually leaving the room.

Waltís family isnít big on hugs, but they are big on not quite being able to finish the last conversation. "Good bye" isnít an end of anything, itís the beginning of all those things that you somehow just havenít managed to say in the last four or five hours of sitting around wondering what to say to each other.

Waltís brotherís wife, Nedís wife and I know that when they begin saying "goodbye," itís time for us to go into another room and sit back down again until the front door is actually opened.

Actually, opening the door isnít any guarantee either. Iíve become a very rude person. I no longer follow people out to the car when they leave because I know that itís often a 30 minute conversation at the car before the final good bye. In the winter this can be damn cold.

I remember one famous night when we all went to a restaurant together to celebrate someoneís birthday or something. Dinner was finished and the bill paid and we stood up at the table saying our goodbyes to each other. Then in a body, we moved out to the restaurant lobby where we stood in a circle continuing the goodbyes and the "last conversation."

Then we finally went out the front door and stood in the parking lot for some more time saying goodbye. When we finally decided it was time to go get in our cars, we discovered that we were parked right by Waltís brotherís car, so that was yet another conversation before we got into the cars and drove off.

Lord help us if we ever get short-wave radios.

I spent some time having coffee and chit chat with some friends today. Ellen expressed some concern that I was running out of magnets for this journal page. She decided I should borrow some of hers to keep the magnet segment going. MY last magnet will be tomorrow. But I've decided to continue the segment and move on to other people's magnets. I'll start with Ellen & Shelly's magnets and then move on to Ned's and who knows who else after that.

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