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26 March 2001

"It's not whether you win or lose, itís what you were wearing when you found out."
-Joan Rivers

Iím not proud of it, but I watched the endless pre-Oscar program hosted by Joan and Melissa Rivers yesterday afternoon. Itís the price I paid for actually doing some cleaning around here. The trite commentary, the shallow observations, the crass ad libs ("She looks like sheís been exfoliating for the last six months"). I watched it all.

It was the fault of the domino effect. Iíve been working on organizing floppy disks so I can make slide shows and ultimately get all photos themselves onto CD. (Itís scrapbooking taken to new heights!) To help with organization, I bought some new disk storage boxes. Iíll tell ya, itís like painting just one room. Everything leads to something else.

- I had the boxes, so that led me to start to go through all the floppy disks of photos Iíve been taking since Peggy gave me the digital camera a year ago (and labeling them more accurately!)

- Once I had the disks sorted, I realized I had no place to put the new boxes.

- I looked around this office and realized that I had the perfect shelf for them, but first I would have to move books off of the shelf. To move the books Iíd have to clear off a different shelf. To clear off that shelf Iíd have to clean the stacks of stuff on the floor in front of the shelves so I could reach the shelves.

I actually got it mostly done. Youíd never know it to poke your head in here, but I know how much I cleaned out and how much I straightened up.

And in the middle of a mindless job like this, when there is no e-mail coming in because people are either sleeping or out enjoying the lovely weather, there was nothing else to do but turn on the TV. Somehow I just kind of drifted over to E! and the 2 hour filler by les femmes Rivers.

Anyway, thatís my story and Iím sticking to it.

But then, of course, I watched the Academy Awards.

Iím never sure why I enjoy that show so much, except Iím a sucker for awards shows, I guess (I actually stay awake through them!) Last year Iíd seen most of the movies that were up for best picture and most of the movies that were being talked about for just about anything. (I spent a lot of time in movie houses the year after Paul died.)

But this year, Iíve seen almost nothing. In fact, I think Chocolat was the only movie nominated for anything that Iíd seen. I was going to try to watch Gladiator on DVD before the show came on, but never got around to it. And I always planned to go see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon because I suspect itís better to see it in the theatre, but I still havenít seen it. As for the others, I just havenít made it into a theatre.

I never know any of the nominated songs. And it seems that more and more the Hollywood "elite" is made up of people I donít recognize.

Iíve never been into "fashion," so that part of it isnít important to me unless itís something weird like that gal who wore the dead swan around her body. (Cher would have been proud.)

There werenít really any "heart tugging" moments this year, no long retrospectives, no overblown dance numbers.

But still it was the Academy awards and I do it on compulsion. Somehow it's worth it all to see the sheer joy of someone like Julia Roberts, looking like a little kid who'd opened the best present she'd ever received.

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