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I saw this recipe for Buckeye Candy at the airport in Cleveland. It sounded good, and I knew I'd never remember it, so I bought the magnet. (I've never made the candy!)

Household Hints


A Medieval Home Companion:
Housekeeping in the 14th Century

Take care that there are no fleas in your room or in your bed -
Part 2

I have tried another method and it works: take unfinished cloth, spread it around the room and over your bed, and all the fleas that jump onto it will stick there so that you can remove them with the cloth and take them where you want. Also, sheepskins. In addition, I have seen white cloth put on the covering and the bed, and when the fleas, which are black, jump on it, they are easily seen against the white and can be killed.

But the best method is to be on guard against those that are in the covers, furs, and the clothing one wears. I have tried having the covers, furs and clothes that have fleas in them shut up and enclosed, as in a trunk that is securely tied with straps or in a sack that is well tied and flattened or otherwise compacted, so that the fleas are in a compressed space without light or air, and in this way they instantly succumb and die.

I am a theatre critic

OK...so it's a new "career", but if you're interested in reading my reviews, go here

Updated 3/10/01


In a Sunburned Country
by Bill Bryson

I was able to get into this book while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. Fascinating book!! Fascinating country!!


the creative juices were flowing
I was writing lyrics

That's it for today!


20 March 2001

Well...itís finally happened. Today I hit the one year anniversary of Funny the World. I had every confidence when I started this journal a year ago that I would see this day. I get obsessive about stuff like this, and I really enjoy writing a daily entry. I think Iíve only missed a handful of days over the past year, usually when I was out of town and not near a computer. I even managed to keep posting daily entries when Peggy and I were traveling all over the west coast.

A year ago (I can now start having my own "one year ago" links at the bottom of these pages!) Ned had just moved into a playhouse on the grounds of a gas station, as a fund raiser for his radio station, and I was spending time with Priscilla.

Well, Nedís not living in a playhouse today (at least not that I know of), but I spent this morning with Priscilla, so it seems that not much has changed in that area in the past year.

Poor Priscilla. Life is finally starting to beat her down. This morning she cried most of the way to the clinic for her daily appointment. Her mother has had a bad stroke and her grandson was just arrested and is facing 45 years in prison (heís 18). Priscilla admits that she had her years of "stupidity," as she puts it, but that sheís so disappointed in her own children that they have taught such bad habits to their own children. Priscilla assures me that when she was being "stupid," she had given her children to her mother so they wouldnít see her.

Her concerns about the grandson and about her mother have caused her to postpone her own health care again. She admits that the doctors tell her that if she keeps postponing her own care, sheís just not going to be here to take care of her family. While she has "turned all this over to the Lord," she assures me, itís beginning to sound like a part of her wouldnít be so sad to just have it all come to an end.

Today has been kind of a weird day for me. Nothing I can put my finger on. Itís the last day of Winter, so perhaps this is official "spring fever," though the weather has jumped us from winter to summer without hardly passing through spring. It was in the mid-80s today in Sacramento.

On the ride back from Sacramento, I was reveling in the fields of mustard blossoms carpeting the outskirts of town in eye-blinding yellow, out of which rose trees dripping with white fluffy blossoms. In a week all of this will be gone, but it is a sight to be savored while we have it.

I stopped at the post office on the way home and dropped off a package to Peggy. Amazing to me that they assure me she will receive it in 2-3 days. Itís 10,000 miles away. If I were mailing it to my next door neighbor, chances are it would take a week.

The mail brought me a great package from Jeri. A recording of two of her arrangements. They're rough cuts, so the performers aren't perfect, but I'm so impressed with what she's learned. It brings tears to my eyes because her grandfather would just be ecstatic if he could hear what she's doing these days. I'm so incredibly proud of her.

I did something to my back yesterday while I was out walking and so itís difficult for me to get in and out of chairs, or to bend over, but as long as Iím sitting down, things are fine, and my office chair puts pressure right on the proper spot on my back, so itís been a good excuse just to sit here and get some work done. It even got bad enough for me to take some ibuprofen a bit ago. For me, thatís bad.

I'm trying to work on writing some song lyrics, which Steve asked me to do, though I haven't written lyrics in some time. I got the general idea done, but I'm not sure if it's exactly the style Steve wants. We'll see. He may regret asking me to give it a whirl.

I was also supposed to do an interview with a UC Davis Professor this afternoon, but he skipped out of town and the interview has been postponed a week.

The psychiatrist is out of town until Wednesday and I have a slight breather in his deadlines, but there is the perennial backup of work, so Iím trying to use this brief opportunity constructively. I would dearly love to be finished with all his work by the time he gets home. Iím well on my way to doing that.

(Of course California is also having rolling energy blackouts again today, which they predict will last until 8 or 9 p.m. So far we have not been hit here, but if we do get hit, that could put a crimp in my output. We are short on power and short on water, so the state is asking us not to use power and not to use water! Anybody want to move to Calaifornia? They tell us it's going to be like this all summer.)

But while Iím working today there have been flights of fancy that my brain, in its spring fever state, is taking and that makes it difficult to concentrate. Of course itís nice to daydream, but that doesnít get the work done.

Too bad that for an "anniversary" entry I didnít find something more interesting to write about!

One Year Ago:
Ned Moves into a Playhouse

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