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15 March 2001

Iím training to be a hermit.

Iím actually getting quite good at it. I think I have a good future in it.

This realisation came to me somewhere between The Today Show and Regis this morning. The office was dark--the window shade has never worked, so is permanently in the "down" position to prevent the sun from shining on the monitor. There is a bookcase in front of the window, so itís pretty much impossible to see outside.

I went into the family room and saw that the back yard was foggy. Hmmm...how long had it been foggy?

I realised I hadnít been out of the house in days, partly because of my cold, partly because of the weather earlier in the week, and partly because I was so immersed in working with PicturesToEXE and keeping up with work.

And then I thought about how life has gone in the last few months and what a routine (read: rut) Iíve gotten into.

I get up at 4 most mornings and enjoy the quiet. I make coffee at 6 and wake Walt up, make his breakfast, and fix his lunch.

I listen to Ned on the radio until 7 when his station starts its "seven song superset," which means less talk by Ned and Bill. Then the Today Show comes on.

The TV is on in this house all day long. Not because Iím so addicted to TV, but because without the change from one program to the next, I could easily lose track of time. So the morning goes: Today Show, Regis, Today Show, Peopleís Court. For the afternoon, I switch over to reruns on A&E: Night Court, Talk Radio, Law & Order, Northern Exposure and LA Law. And then time to switch to CBS for Oprah, local and national news, Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy and Wheel. The evenings vary (whoopee...variety!)

For years, I was so involved in so many things, but not now. Everything I do is done on the computer. Conversations are had on the computer--chats with Peggy and/or Steve in the morning, email through the day.

Sometimes the telephone rings, but rarely. Sometimes I screen calls.

I spend some time in the afternoon straightening up a little, but things donít get too bad, now that there are only two of us around here (of course, I could stand to do a lot more from things built up over years, but Iím happy to "maintain" at the moment).

Once in awhile we have dinner with friends, but rarely. We go out in the evenings more now that Iím reviewing shows, but we rarely know anybody to speak to.

I go to the supermarket when we run low on staples--usually toilet paper ,lettuce, meat, butter, bread, or dog food. I was there today. Didnít speak to anybody. I bought flowers for Paul and David and went to the cemetery on my way home. Itís been wet, so I havenít been out there in a couple of weeks. There was no one there except the groundskeeper, who didnít look when I went to put the flowers in the container. I spent a few minutes chatting with the kids (or perhaps more accurately to the kids) and then came home.

No message waiting on the answering machine.

Itís a weird, very peaceful feeling. Compared to the frenetic years I have lived in the past, Iím finding this new way of life very...pleasant. I donít feel the need for having a lot of people around, or to go out in search of company. The days I work with Breaking Barriers are enough. I get great joy out of people like Priscilla ("Grandma") and enjoy the time I spend with her.

But really, Iím discovering that I donít need all the chaos in my life. Iím happy to be at home, quiet, solitary most of the time, and Walt here at night.

If youíd told me five years ago that I would evolve from an overinvolved schedule to this hermit existence Iíve adopted, I would have found it hard to believe. But, in truth, itís really OK.

I could very easily live as a quasi hermit for the rest of my life.

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