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In a Sunburned Country
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I was able to get into this book while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. Fascinating book!! Fascinating country!!



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14 March 2001

I donít usually remember dreams. Iím not usually even aware of having them, but I sure had a weird one last night. ( must have eaten the same thing that SecraTerri did!)

I was sitting at a table with the psychiatrist I work for. He had diagnosed a cancer on my lip. It was untreatable and it was growing so rapidly that it was soon going to kill me (like in minutes), so we had decided that he would just put me to sleep. Everything was ready, and he was just waiting for me to decide when it had reached the point where I was ready to die. But first I was trying frantically to write a review. As I worked, I could feel the cancer growing bigger and bigger till it was nearly covering my nostrils. When I finished writing the review and it was nearly time for him to give me the fatal injection, I was just about to ask him if heíd like me to move off of the chair to someplace which would be easier for the paramedics to remove my body, since I weigh so much.

At that point the alarm went off. Thank goodness.

What a weird dream. And of course Iím sure thereís absolutely nothing in my recent life that would cause me to dream such a thing.

I suppose part of the reason why I had such a strange dream was that I had a strange day. In the morning I finally finished the review of Shedding the Tiger, the play we saw Friday night. Iím still not comfortable writing reviews of straight plays and generally rely somewhat on reading other reviews to let me know if Iím in the ballpark, at least, with interpretation of the play. But as this was a world premiere, I was kind of on my own with this one and it took me a couple of days to decide what I wanted to say. In the end, I was pleased with it. I managed to get it in under the wire.

I also transcribed two tapes for the psychiatrist and so had been more productive than usual and I felt I could take a little time to "play" on the computer.

Iíve been working with PicturesToEXE, a program Peggy alerted me to. Itís my newest obsession. Itís just a fantastic program which allows you to create slide shows. Iím still learning the finer points, but I'm getting better with it.

My main frustration has been that supposedly you can add sound to your show. Iíd put together this absolutely gorgeous slide show with an MP3 soundtrack. As a stand-alone show itís pretty good, but the music changes it dramatically. However, when I save it to disk and try to play it on another computer, there is no sound. Iíve been so frustrated trying to figure out why.

Finally I began to think that maybe the problem wasnít the slide show, but the computer(s) I was trying to run it on. Perhaps they couldnít handle MP3 files. So instead, I had Steve send me a MIDI file of one of his songs. I made another slide show, used the MIDI file, copied it to disk, played the disk on another computer and--voilŗ! There it was -- pictures, sound, special effects. The whole ball of wax.

I was so jazzed that I started searching for MIDI files on the net and it got to be an obsession. I was still at it at 6:30 when Walt got home from work. I now have a collection of all sorts of MIDI files and all sorts of ideas for slide shows I want to put together.

Now all I need is time!

I suspect that all my real life friends are going to have to prepare themselves to be inundated with slide shows--and itís going to be very difficult to concentrate on work for the next few days because all I really want to do is to put together another slide show!

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