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Plant sage, lavender, costmary, mint, and clary in January and February, and up until June. Sow poppies broadly. Sow worrel at the waning of the moon, up until March and beyond.

In February, savory and sweet marjoram taste as if they are almost ready to eat. They are sown at the waning of the moon, and they take only eight days to come up. savory lasts only until the reast of St. John the Baptist.

Parsley that is sown on the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation comes up in nine days.

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In a Sunburned Country
by Bill Bryson

I was able to get into this book while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. Fascinating book!! Fascinating country!!


The Practice
Part 1 of a 2-parter
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Gideon's Crossing

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12 March 2001

Today I drove up to Placerville, which is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains to help a friend clean out her father’s mobile home.

It was a lovely sunny day and we are about at the peak of blossoms around here. It was also such a bright day that I had sunglasses on.

I bought the sunglasses when Peggy was here. We were in a supermarket in Carson City and I found these glasses that fit over your regular glasses. I once had a pair like that, but had lost them, so I was pleased to find the style again and bought them.

The difference is that whereas the original glasses were a smoky color that kind of muted the colors you were looking at, these lenses are tinted amber and significantly distort all of the colors.

Instead of seeing this, for example:

you see something that looks more like this:

But it was a sunny day so I was wearing the glasses and as I drove along, I realized that there were a lot of trees in blossom along the sides of the freeway. As I left the city and started getting into country, I decided to take off the glasses and just squint.

I felt like Dorothy opening the door of her sepia-toned Kansas farmhouse out onto the jumble of color that was the land of Oz.

Pink-blossomed trees exploded into color, the hills were carpeted with various shades of soft green, the streams sparkled clean and blue, now and then mustard in full floom would turn a field into a blaze of golden yellow. Fluffy white clouds floated in a clear blue sky and off in the distance the snow-covered mountain peaks looked close enough to touch.

I marveled at what I would have missed if I’d kept the sunglasses on.

And then I thought about how so much of the time we walk through life wearing virtual sunglasses. We are surrounded by beauty and goodness and wonderful things to see but we are so tied to our virtual sunglasses--cell phones, pagers, computer screens, televisions, microwaves, timetables, work, stress, etc.--that we forget to remove the glasses and just look around us and see what’s really important.

We’ve come to accept the "sunglasses" view of the world as the way things really are.

We should all take off the glasses once in awhile and just let our eyes drink it all in.

And it wouldn’t hurt to smell the roses too, while we’re at it.

~~ The Last Session ~~
at Ensemble Theatre Company in Cincinnati
Dates: Friday, July 11 - Monday, July 27

Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
1127 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45210-1926
$10 per show
Time: 8 PM
Call: 513-421-3555

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