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A Medieval Home Companion:
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Foul play*:

To mortify capons and hens, you must bleed them by the throat and immediately put them in a pail of very cold water to die. In this way you will in one day make them as gamey as if they had been dead for two days.

*my title, not theirs

This reads kind of like the medieval equivalent of fast food!

I am a theatre critic

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In a Sunburned Country
by Bill Bryson

I was able to get into this book while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. Fascinating book!! Fascinating country!!


Shedding the Tiger
the world premiere of
a play by
Valina Hasu-Houston

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11 March 2001

I hate schmoozing. Iím terrible at it. I donít mix well with strangers--heck, I donít even mix well with people I know half the time, if they are in large groups. And if I have to introduce myself and pretend to be intelligent, well, itís an accident waiting to happen.

And so tonight I opened mouth and put both feet in.

To explain, we have to go back several months. Perhaps as long as a year. Ever since I named myself Steveís publicist, Iíve been trying to encourage artistic directors of local theatre companies to consider doing The Last Session (TLS) for their next season.

Some months ago, I went to a show at the Sacramento Theatre Company and as the woman was doing the audience warmup before the show, explaining the goals of this particular theatre company and I was looking around at the size and layout of the space, I realized that this would be an absolutely PERFECT venue for TLS, especially since it fit so precisely into their stated goals of wanting to present controversial, thought-provoking material to the public. Perfecto.

I believe I sent the artistic director a letter at that time explaining that I would like to get together with her and discuss the possibility of the Sacramento Theatre Company (STC) doing TLS for their next season and that I would drop off a videotape for her to preview.

When I had TLS videos and was next in Sacramento, I dropped the video off at STC in the name of the artistic director.

Then I got a call from The Davis Enterprise asking me if I wanted to be a drama critic.

At the same time, the STC artistic director was also named to head up the drama department at UC Davis and one of my first reviews was of a show she was directing.

I had to call her about that show and when I had her on the line, I mentioned that I had dropped off the TLS videotape. She said that she thought the show had been written by a friend of hers. Turns out she and Steveís husband Jimmy are friends.

As it happened, Steve was due to come to town in a couple of weeks and I asked her if she would like to meet with him; I would take the two of them to lunch. She said sheíd get back to me.

A day or so later, she called to say she couldnít make lunch, but that she would be flying to LA to see a staged reading of the show and would probably see me there.

She also called Jimmy to say that I was "driving her crazy" and that she felt is was unethical for a critic to be pushing a show.

Well...yeah...but I wasnít a critic when I first contacted her.

She also didnít go to the staged reading in LA.

So I just completely gave hands off. I was not going to mention the show to her ever again. She was Jimmyís friend--in fact, she was taking a show to his theatre in LA. There was no point in my pushing TLS to her any more because Jimmyís staff in LA was touting it to her.

Tonight we were seeing another of her productions (quite good, in fact). I want to do a good review of this show and couldnít quite figure out what they had in mind with the set, so I had to ask someone and this woman was the only person I recognized (though Iíd never actually met her face to face).

I introduced myself. I told her how much Iíd enjoyed the show and I asked my questions about the set and we chatted abit. Hey...this schmoozing stuff was going all right.

Then she gushed "Iím just SO glad to finally meet you. We keep missing each other." I said that yes, I hadnít seen her at her other show that I reviewed and I guessed she hadnít made it to LA.

"Oh, I was there!"

"You were? I thought Steve told me that you didnít come."

"You mean for {name of some other show}?"

"No...The Last Session."

"Oh. No. I didnít see that. Well, itís been SO nice talking to you..."

...and she whirled on her heel and was out of there as if by magic. Her meaning very clear--she was not going to stand there and have me talk TLS with her.

Honestly, the very last thing I intended to do was to talk to her about TLS, but those nasty words came out of my mouth and now she thinks Iím still hounding her about the show.

Heck, theyíre doing a long run of the show in San Francisco this fall...what do we need Sacramento for anyway???

Arghhh...I hate schmoozing!!!!

~~ The Last Session ~~
at Ensemble Theatre Company in Cincinnati
Dates: Friday, July 11 - Monday, July 27

Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
1127 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45210-1926
$10 per show
Time: 8 PM
Call: 513-421-3555

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