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5 June 2001

Walt has started asking me if I want to go for a walk after dinner. We actually did it one night. Took Kimba out for a walk around a few blocks.

Peggy has been reminding me that Iíve flaked off on the walking program I started before she left. She promises to keep bugging me about it.

The two of them are keeping sight of the fact that Walt and I are returning to England in September and both of them are tired of hearing me bitch about my aches and pains from all the walking, Iím sure!

So today I had a lunch date with a friend at a restaurant about a mile from here and since it was a nice day (sunny, but with a breeze), I promised Peggy I would walk.

It had been awhile since Iíd been on an official "walk" (all that stuff in London didnít count), and I wasnít sure how long it would take me. I allowed myself an hour for a leisurely stroll. I got there in 30 minutes.

With 30 minutes to kill, I found myself a department store in the mall and wandered around there for awhile. I ran into a woman who used to work for me, whom I had not seen in a couple of years. We sat and got caught up on who is doing what and isnít-it-awful-whatís-happening-to-the-office-lately stories.

I love hearing bad news about the office. I chuckle every time. It was about 3 years ago when I got edged out of my job as office manager because they wanted to install someone who had a management degree and they felt I wasnít up to the demands of the job (the same job Iíd held successfully for three years, in an office for which Iíd worked for 10 years).

In the time since I left, they have gone through a series of office managers, none of whom has either lasted, or been able to do the job. The first replacement lasted longer than the others, but she never interacted with the staff and it was reported to me that she spent a lot of time locked in her office, crying.

Iím not sure how many have followed her, but the last one hired didnít even make it through the training process before quitting.

Obviously a "degree" doesnít guarantee the ability to do the job.

But then Iím here and the office is there, so I can only cackle and be glad that I havenít been around to witness the continuing decline in morale and efficiency.

Lunch was with another of my former co-workers, the only one from the office with whom Iíve remained in continuing contact. Thank goodness for the Internet which has allowed us to chat regularly, send e-mail, and plan occasional lunches like this one.

It was a nice lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered a burrito and midway through the meal, the waitress came up to ask if I wanted a box to take the leftovers home. The question took me somewhat aback, since Iíd never been asked that question while I was eating before! I decided the waitress felt Iíd had enough to eat. I felt duty-bound to put the rest of the meal into the box she whipped out.

My lunch date was headed back to the office in her nice air conditioned car with the plush seats and it would have been very easy to ask her if she would mind driving me home, but I didnít.

I gathered up my leftover burrito and got back on the streets again. By now the sun was past noon, so it was a bit warmer than the walk up, but still not bad. And the walk went quickly.

It felt good to have been walking again. Iím going to have to give some thought to places to walk, now that we are on the edge of summer and the forecast for the upcoming days inches us toward that triple digit mark again.

Probably the answer is to take Waltís suggestion and do the walk after dinner. Iím sure the dog will be thrilled.

And she could stand to shed a few pounds too.

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