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The Tonys!

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4 June 2001

Itís a long day when it begins at 3 a.m.

Now, I canít claim this was insomnia. It was my own stupid fault. I woke up at the aforementioned 3 a.m. to make a piddle stop. Remember, I sleep in a recliner in the family room because itís more comfortable for my back. I also keep the TV on all night because itís easier for me to get to sleep when there is something boring on TV.

[note to future hosts and/or hostesses: it is not essential that I be provided with a recliner and a television set in order to sleep; itís just how I do it here.]

Anyway, I stumbled back from the bathroom and looked for something to put on--a movie to sleep through. Unfortunately, I saw that one of the cable channels was running The Frisco Kid. I absolutely love this movie, which probably most people have never heard of.

Itís Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford. Wilder is a young rabbi, freshly arrived in the United States from Poland in the late 1800s. Gold rush times. He has to get from the east coast to the west coast, where he has been promised a congregation and a bride. But heís a young innocent, gets robbed, and has to figure out how heís going to cross the country with no resources and no survival skills. He meets up with Ford, a bank robber, who befriends him and offers to accompany him to the west coast. The movie recounts the friendship which develops between the unlikely duo, and their various adventures. (One of the best is when they are captured by Indians, led by Val Bisoglio, who appears to be from the Brooklyn branch of the Apaches!)

I should have known better than to put this movie on because there was no way I could sleep through it. By the time the movie ended, I was wide awake.

But I put the pre-dawn hours to good use and finished the tape I was transcribing. I also finished the press release I was writing about Steveís upcoming appearance here in Davis for Gay Pride Day next Sunday, and got that, as well as some publicity photos, submitted to the local paper.

The day was spent alternately working on more transcription and doing some housework. I also went out to Petco and bought a new bed for Kimba. Her old bed was getting pretty ratty (and pretty smelly), so I decided she could use a new one. I found a nice bed with an easy-to-remove cover (now I have to remind myself to wash it each week!) and brought it home. Only sheís a bigger dog than I realized, I guess, because it was going to be a tight squeeze. I took the bed back and exchanged it for the next largest size. She took to it like sheíd been sleeping in it all along.

I had a minor crash around 5 and decided to take a nap before dinner. This time I chose better in my movie-to-sleep by. My word is Giant a long movie. When I turned it on, it was well into the movie already (Jed had just struck oil). I set the timer to sleep for an hour and 15 minutes and when I woke up, the movie still wasnít over! But it was a much better soporific than The Frisco Kid.

There was work to do tonight, but it all had to be put on hold so I could watch the Tonys. I donít know why I watch that show. Iíve seen exactly one Broadway show and weíre not likely to be in NY in the foreseeable future (weíve been to London 6 times and NY twice!) Even if I were to make it to Broadway to see something as hot as The Producers, the stars who created the roles would be long gone, so what did it matter who won the awards?

But it does, of course. I love awards shows. I love the schlock and the tears and all the guys who thank their Moms (yeah--right. Paul was supposed to live long enough to win an award and thank his Mom for all the support through the years. Thanks a lot, Paul) The Tonys award show is generally one of the best produced of the biggies and this year was no exception. How could you not love a show that starts with a huge tap dance number and tosses in full frontal male nudity in the middle of it (nice lighting for the Full Monty). Lovely moment when Nathan Lane refused to accept his best actor award without dragging co-star and award competitor Matthew Broderick out on stage with him, saying that without Broderick he was nothing. sniffle...sniffle.

But now the award show is over, the house is (relatively) clean, and since itís pushing midnight, I guess itís time to decide what movie Iím going to sleep through tonight and then go do it.

Iím a very weird person.

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