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28 June 2001

After over a year of talking about "we really should get together sometime since we live so close," Sunshyn and I have finally met. We made arrangements to meet at a Mexican restaurant a block from where she works. I got there first and chose a table outside, since inside was (a) too hot, and (b) too noisy. We got acquainted over lunch, swapped web design stories and, as with when I got together with SecraTerri, shared stories about other on line journalers. It was good to finally have made contact.

But the rain was not kind and as we sat there, it began to pelt us, so we paid the bill and went to her office, a block away, where we waylaid one of her co-workers and got him to take our picture for our respective pages tonight.

Following lunch, I took a step back in time. A giant step.

I have been having such a difficult time getting a new pair of shoes. As we get older, our earlobes and our noses continue grow. Apparently that goes for feet too. At least for me.

For 10 years now, Iíve been buying shoes from Easy Spirit, but suddenly they no longer make my size (how awful does it make you feel when your shoe supplier stops making shoes big enough for you???). As Iíve said before, my shoes began to fall apart when we were in England. Theyíre still wearable, but they are definitely on their last legs, so to speak.

Iíve written to Easy Spirit and got no satisfaction from them either, as I think I reported here earlier.

Over the weekend, my friend Kathy raved and raved about SAS shoes. I finally decided I have to get something before we return to England in September. I checked on the local SAS store and discovered it was about a 40 minute drive from home, but since I would be halfway there after lunch with Sunshyn, I decided to go the extra distance and visit SAS.

I havenít been in a store like that in years.

The shoes are displayed like youíd find in any shoe store--atop racks of boxes and you can take the box out and try them on--I think. However, a clerk came to help me. She insisted on measuring my foot. (Measuring??? When was the last time anybody did anything but take my word for what size I wear; turns out I was off by half a size). Then she asked me what kind of shoe I was looking for. I told her.

She went and got the shoes and another couple of styles, came back, sat down, and tried them on me. My word--when was the last time that happened? It was as unusual as the day a couple of weeks ago when I inadvertently pulled into a full serve gas station and had people pump my gas, wash my windows, and check the pressure on my tires!

I sat there and felt like....a woman. There I was surrounded by boxes and shoes and a very nice woman holding up shoes for my inspection and approval or disapproval. It was like being back in the 1960s again.

I guess the whole thing so overwhelmed me that I bought not one, but two pairs of shoes. Walking shoes and loafers.

Of course, the experience cost over $200, which did cause me to gulp a bit, but they threw in a catalog and a free shoe horn. And since I only buy shoes every two years, when the previous ones wear out, I rationalized that having two pairs of comfortable shoes might make it possible for me to go three years before I have to go buy another pair.

But Iím now all set for tromping about London yet again.

And, in honor of Sunshyn, who ends each of her diary entries with a picture of a pair of her shoes, here are the shoes I bought today...

(Thanks, Sunny, for the nice date!)

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