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25 June 2001

The sun was shining, a cool breeze blew, and the rainbow flags were fluttering from all the lamposts on Market St., from the pockets and fists of people standing 4, 5, and 6-deep along the barricades all along the mile and a half of the parade route. It was a day of high energy, cheers, shouts, hugs and hand holding. It was day to celebrate diversity, whether you were a gay gabage man, a lesbian couple hoping for legal parenthood for both, a gay couple hoping for the right to marry, an AIDS activist, a leatherman, or a PFLAG mom or dad telling the world that you're proud of and love your gay child.

The gay community and its friends were out in force to celebrate. Pride was alive and well on the streets of San Francisco.

I marched my second pride march and I was very grateful for all the walking Iíve done this year because there was no way I could have done this march without it.

We were staying in a hotel one block from the end of the 1.6 mile route. The plan was to take BART down to the start of the parade and meet up with the PFLAG group. It was my suggestion (amazing!) that instead we walk the route, as we had done the previous year. That way we would get to see the groups which preceded us in the parade.

So we saw the dykes on bikes, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, gay parents, gay school teachers, members of Gay-Straight Alliances (which work to provide a dialog between gay and straight students in high school), and a host of other marching groups, floats, and things you probably wonít find in your local 4th of July parade.

We reached our gathering point at noon, as requested. Our "step off time" was 12:30, and we had been warned we might not step off until 1:30. Amazingly, we stepped off at noon! I just barely got there in time.

This year we were #34 out of about 200 groups. Last year we were about #114.

Because we were so far back in the parade last year, we kind of sauntered up Market St., stopping now and then to wait for the groups ahead of us to start moving again.

This year, we were ahead of most of the groups and it was a non-stop pace. Not only was it non-stop, but the farther up the street we got, the more they encouraged us to hurry up, so that by the time we got to the end of the route, I was walking at a faster clip than I normally walk--and this after essenially 3 miles of walking. I was pretty impressed with me.

Itís a marvelous thing to walk with PFLAG. The roar of the crowd was tremendous and continued the entire length of the march. People standing on the sidelines blowing us kissing and shouting out "We love you!"

I remember last year when we worked the PFLAG booth at the Pride Fair, and how many gay people--young and old--came to us with tears in their eyes, talking about their separation from their own families because of their sexual orientation. Is it any wonder that the crowd has nothing but cheers for a group of parents and friends who are supportive of their gay loved ones and arenít embarrassed to walk up the street hand in hand, showing support and love for their gay kids.

The shirts say "All Families have Value"

At the end of the march, we returned to the hotel, gathered up our stuff and moved it all to cars. Then we walked back roughly half the distance of the route to a diner for lunch, and then back again to the cars and the drive home.

At this time a year ago, I ached everywhere. I wonít say that Iím eager to go out and take the dog for a walk this evening (sorry, Kimba), but I am very much aware that Iím feeling 100% better than I was last year.

Maybe by next year, Iíll walk the route twice, once with PFLAG and once with some other group. Iím getting into the swing of this thing!

One Year Ago:
**Gone Fishing**
(I didn't take the computer when I went to the Pride March last year)

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