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I'm in San Francisco
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24 June 2001

I'm in San Francisco, ready to participate in my second Gay Pride March. We are in a hotel which overlooks the Hall of Justice on 7th and Mission Sts., and the noise from the traffic at the moment is deafening.

I came to SF with the Sacramento PFLAG group, as I did last year. My friend Kathy picked me up this morning and we made our way down I-80, hitting a little traffic as we entered the city (all those queers heading for Pride Day, dontcha know!).

Last year we came here, checked into the Pickwick Hotel, and went to lunch at a greasy spoon across the street. This year one of our group decided we needed to be a bit more classy, so he suggested lunch at SF's landmark Cliff House, which overlooks the ocean. (It's always best to let a gay man plan these things!)

Lunch was wonderful. We sat at a table overlooking what used to be Seal Rock. It still is called Seal Rock, but since all the seals moved to Fisherman's Wharf, its population is terns, seagulls and pelicans. We watched the waves roll in, crashing over the rocks, and the pelicans flying by the window in clusters of 4-8 birds at a time.

We indulged ourselves in crab and other seafood delicacies and even steak, though it is a seafood restaurant. And then it was insisted that we have dessert (creme brulee for me). All was paid for by the man who suggested we add a little class to our day.

As we left the restaurant and walked back up the hill to the parking lot, Kathy and I decided it was very nice to be a grown up!

We checked into our hotel and went to the "hospitality suite" (where our luncheon host was staying). He had whipped up a batch of his famous "PFAG" cocktails. I believe these were invented last year. Orange Juice, cranberry Snapple, and vodka. Very smooth. Very easy to go down.

Then it was time to check out "tacky rainbow crap." We are just three blocks from civic center, where the pride fair is being held. Tomorrow it will be a zoo, but today it would be manageable, so we checked out all the booths. I decided to get myself a shirt this year, so I now have my own "queerific" t-shirt ("queerific" is the motto of this year's pride festival here).

We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the booths, and especially enjoying the wonderful breeze, which was almost even cold before we got back to the hotel.

Time to go back to the hospitality suite, where our host had laid out a spread of crackers with Easy Cheese, prawns with his own special sauce, and cookies...and more PFAGs.

By the time cocktail hour was over, our group of five had swelled to 9 and we wandered down to the pizza restaurant which is attached to the hotel lobby. One more joined us there, rounding out the group to 10.

Tomorrow we will join the thousands of marchers walking up Market Street under the fluttering rainbow flags and take pride in being gay or loving someone gay. It's good to be here.

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