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22 June 2001

Happy anniversary, Secra!! Itís the third anniversary of Footnotes. If there is actually anybody out there who does not read this journal, do yourself a favor and check it out. One of the consistently best-written journals around.

Footnotes is spending a lot of time these days talking about Secraís impending nuptials. As I write this sentence, itís only 29 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes and 3 seconds until they actually tie the knot--but whoís counting.

Itís a day to think about weddings. 9 years ago today, Ned and Marta tied the knot in a feel-good ceremony at the community room in the mobile home park where my mother lives.

You know, I look at weddings today. I look at the thousands of dollars that are spent in creating "the perfect wedding." Nedís friend Gregís wife is a wedding planner and just did a wedding that cost >$100,000. I wonder if that ceremony was any more special, any more memorable, or done with any more love than Ned and Martaís ceremony.

The services themselves took place on the patio of the community center under a trelis arch that Walt and Jeri built. (Iím sure the other kids were in on it as well) It had to be extra tall because the minister was about 6Ĺí tall and it had to fit around him.

They had a huge wedding party. Three bridesmaids and 19 ushers. They had so many friends that they announced that anybody who had enough money to rent a tuxedo could be in the wedding party. 19 of their best male friends showed up in tuxedos and Ned and Marta gave each of them a pair of Converse All-Star high top shoes as a wedding gift.

Everybody wanted to help with the wedding, so we didnít need a caterer. Lots of people brought food and Martaís stepmother took over the kitchen and getting all the food out to the guests.

Fortunately, I had been a cake decorator for several years, so I made the wedding cake. The theme of the wedding was clowns (the wedding invitations had clowns on them; they had been designed by a good friend and were printed at Kinkoís), and I decorated the cake with frosting and plastic clowns. The "bride and groom" were two clown figures Marta found standing in a little gazebo that a friend of theirs made.

The guy who had been the sound guy for the band put together music to play for the reception, so they needed no DJ. But the very first musical number was a song ("So In Love") sung and danced by all the guys in the wedding party.

Paul was the best man and his "toast" turned into a major production, with a flip chart taking the audience through the history of Ned and Martaís courtship. It was funny, serious, and at the end there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

At the end of the party, Ned and Marta left on their honeymoon (the "Honeymoon from Hell"), everybody worked to clean up the place.

I donít think the event was any less lovely, or any less meaningful because we didnít take out a loan to pay for the event and Ned & Marta didnít start their married life in debt.

Happy Anniversary, Guys! Remembering your wedding still makes me smile.

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