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The new magnets are from Jeri's refrigerator. Jeri's fridge has some unusual stuff attached to it.

Birth announcement for "Milo Travis." This baby was named in honor of Paul--Milo's father is also named "Paul," so instead of naming him "Paul" they used "Travis," for Travis Bickel, the character played by Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver, Paul's favorite movie.

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I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Bill Bryson

I enjoyed his Australia book so much, I decided to try the one about this country.


Battersea Park Road
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(this is a book I picked up in London)



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10 June 2001

It was what the world had been waiting for: Secra and Bev together again for the first time After months of discussing it, I was finally going to meet SecraTerri and the famous fiance, David.

The morning had been...uh..."interesting." There was so much to do. Naturally, I'd let go until the last minute getting ready for Steve to be here tomorrow night, fixing dinner to take to Olivia, fixing dinner to leave for Walt, giving the dog a bath, stopping off to get a gift for Secra and David, and making it to Alameda (an hour and a half away) by 3 p.m.

It might have gone better if the car hadn't developed a flat tire. We ran over something on the freeway a couple of days ago but we didn't know it at the time--we just heard a "thud," but couldn't see anything. Miraculously, I was able to drive to Sacramento yesterday and the tire didn't go flat until last night.

When I got up to go to the store, there it was...flat as a pancake. Walt got the temporary spare put on and I was able to get to the store for dinner fixings and stuff that follows Steve's diet. Then Walt took the car down to Goodyear to get a new tire while I leaped to work:

-unload the groceries
-wash the dog's bed
-wash the dog
-make lasagna (it took over an hour for water to boil)
-make Walt's dinner
-vacuum all rugs with dog deodorizer
-check e-mail
-clean kitchen
-try to put dog's bed back together
-argue with door-to-door Sprint salesperson
-swear some more
-visit with Ned
-install CompuServe on laptop so I can make a journal entry tonight
-get access numbers for calling CompuServe

note: I've had the CompuServe software since before we left for England and had been procrastinating, but I finally had to get it done

-take a shower
-load the car
-get to Alameda by 3:00

The one thing that had to be discarded was getting a wedding present for Secra and David. But that will come later. Too bad. I knew exactly what I wanted to get too.

Miraculously, I pulled into the parking lot by Starbucks at 2:55 and I found Secra and David waiting for me. Secra has been telling all her bazillions of readers what a great guy David is and I'm afraid that I have to be honest here. He's not as nice as she says he is.

He's much, much nicer.

Not only is he much nicer but the two make an adorable couple.

We spent a lovely hour together (despite the editorial comments of a couple of birds in an overhead tree who took aim on her purse and my hand), talking about journaling, about the Totem Pole Company and yes, I do believe something about a wedding was mentioned.

I was glad to have the "before" picture to compare with the "after" picture of Mr. and Mrs. David, 'cause we planned to get together again sometime. I may have to buy a bike and go into training first.

And then we parted--they to go and buy some healthy veggies to take home for dinner, me to unload the lasagna at Olivia's house.

She was in a terrible bike accident while we were in England and is laid up with a powdered elbow (the doctor said she couldn't possibly have had a worse break) on her right and a broken elbow and wrist on the left. I felt bad about not getting down here before this, but she's stocked up, now, on lots and lots of lasagna and an "ELBOW" macaroni casserole (it seemed appropriate).

Tomorrow it's off to San Francisco to pick up a keyboard, then to SF Airport to pick up Steve, and then rush him to Davis so he can perform for Gay Pride Day. He's the warm up act to the world famous balloon toss.

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