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I fell asleep

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1 June 2001

Is it the heat?

Is it delayed jet jag?

I just canít seem to get enough sleep. Me, the person who has been living on 4 hours sleep a night for years.

Maybe it was that the boat trip was so relaxing I got more sleep than usual and it threw my body clock off. I had difficulty sleeping through the night, but I would go to bed around 9 or 10 p.m. each night.

It seems that I just canít sit still for more than 10 minutes without falling asleep for the past week. But itís odd hours. Last night I fell asleep around 9:30, so here I am sitting up writing this at 3 a.m. But thatís still more than 5 hours of sleep. Amazing.

Iím beginning to sound like my friend Gilbert, who used to regale me each day with how much (or how little) he slept each night. He was obsessed with the fact that he never got enough sleep and that heíd be awake for hours at night. Iím not obsessed about whether I sleep or not. Iím just finding it curious that Iíve gone from almost never sleeping to falling asleep at unpredictable hours, around the clock.

I went out and had lunch with my cousin yesterday. Sheís working on a photo album of our many family reunions and I was bringing the photos that I have to her so she can add them to the collection.

I was looking back at some of the earlier years she had in the book already and itís kind of sad to see how many people are no longer with us. I know itís a part of aging--losing people you love--but occasionally the sadness of how many are gone hits me. My mother was one of a family of 10 and only 2 remain.

When I left my cousinís house, I drove to the home of one of my Breaking Barriers clients. This lady is Breaking Barriersí oldest client. Sheís in her middle 60s and was diagnosed with HIV more than 15 years ago, following a blood transfusion during surgery. Sheís a crusty old dame and is very particular about who she will allow to drive her. Somehow I managed to make the grade on our first ride together, when she got a little emotional and I ended up holding her in my arms while she cried about the unfairness of life.

Since then Iíve done most of the driving for her and we get along all right. She told me on one of our recent trips that she collects dolls. No special dolls, she says, just any kind of doll. So when we were in England, I tried to find a doll for her. I was surprised that I couldnít really find a doll in any of the tourist places we visited, but bears were everywhere and I managed to find her a Queen Victoria doll. She was very touched that Iíd done that.

It was a good pick-me-up for her, I hope. She has been in bed for three days and says she feels awful. She felt so thin and vulnerable when I gave her a hug. I will probably be giving her a ride later this month and will know more at that time about how she is doing.

Priscilla ("Grandma") just learned she has cancer in yet another location. Sheís decided she no longer wants to know about her medical condition and has asked her doctor just not to tell her when they find something more wrong with her. Just treat it, but donít let her know.

Even Steve writes in his current journal about how his diabetes (caused by the AIDS medications that saved his life) is giving him problems and how itís been impossible to get his blood sugars under control.

I suppose when I think about the family members who have passed on, and my HIV+ friends with the new problems cropping up for them, my "sleeping sickness" doesnít seem all that bad at all.

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