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7 July 2001

I was very happy to learn that I can add REAL INCHES to my penis size. I am assured that it REALLY WORKS!

Why am I getting so many ads promising me that I can increase my penis size? I must delete at least 4 a week. Every week!

Maybe because I lack one of those funny appendages I canít really understand, but are there really that many men out there languishing in depression over their penis size? Donít most penises do what theyíre designed for? Does it really make a difference whether they reach to your knees or not? (And if they do, do you have to buy special underwear? I know menís underwear comes with specific waist sizes. Can you also specify "long"? And what do you do with said appendage when you put on your underwear? Do you fold it up and jam inside? Do you roll it like youíd do a cinnamon bun? Is there a special technique for carrying an EXTRA LONG PENIS around as you do your daily chores?)

I made the mistake of clicking on a link on a web site recently and was "treated" to the sight of a man who was definitely not in need of anything to add REAL INCHES. In fact, Iím wondering if there is a male equivalent to breast reduction surgery. Is there a procedure that will reduce penis size?

This guy could have swung the thing over his shoulder if he chose. (I wonder if he can pick up peanuts with it.) I canít imagine what it must be like to mow the lawn on a warm day when the rest of the neighbors are in shorts. There was absolutely nothing remotely erotic about this photo. It was one of those "My WORD...how in the world do you deal with that?" things.

The sight of this well-endowed gentleman raised all sorts of questions. What does he do at a urinal? I mean--heíd have to stand on a ladder, wouldnít he? Or would he just stand across the room and hope his aim was good? And wouldnít there be a danger of knocking out the guys on either side of him if he did that jiggily thing men do when they are trying to get rid of the last couple of drops?

How about sports? I can just see some serious injury being inflicted if he decided to take up jogging. And bike riding...well...the mind boggles.

Letís not even discuss sex. The photo showed the thing "at rest," as it were. What happens when he gets excited? Pinnochio would be a piker compared to this guy. Can you imagine going out on a date and deciding that "tonightís the night" and then dropping your drawers. The poor woman would pass out at the very thought.

What if he got excited while he was out driving in his car? If you think cell phones are distracting.....

But I digress. This started out to be about penis enlargers, not the poor guy who had no need of one.

What do you do to enlarge a penis? (well, enlarge one permanently; I know how you can do it temporarily). I remember those exercises teen age girls used to do, as we chanted "We must...we must...we must increase our bust..." I suppose there might be some sort of exercise program, perhaps with a chant rhyming with "long."

Or maybe you attach weights. I canít imagine anything more painful than to wander around all day with a weight attached to that tender appendage.

Maybe itís some sort of a cream that you rub on, though it would seem that the act of rubbing on cream would effectively cause a rather instantaneous enlargement anyway, wouldnít it?

I decided that in the interest of a journal entry, Iíd do research on one of these ads today, so after deleting all the rest, I finally decided to risk a flood of more junk mail and I clicked on "Click Here Now and Be Amazed."

Well. I was amazed. I was amazed that the link was a bad one. The site doesnít exist.

Now Iím wondering if one of those small-appendage people wrote the ad and sent the e-mail and if the size of his appendage is indicative of brain size, since I've heard it said that men often use that appendage to think with.

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LOL...come to think of it, that's a pretty appropriate title
to accompany today's entry, isn't it!!

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