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5 July 2001

(Happy 31st birthday, Thomas!)

I did something on the 4th of July that I almost never do. I deliberately chose not to do any productive work.

Now, I often go a day or two without working, but itís usually because Iím procrastinating and finding a bazillion other things to do instead of working.

Thereís laundry to be done, games of Free Cell to be played, food to be eaten, dishes to be loaded into the dishwasher, naps to be taken, TV to be watched, e-mail to be checked, chats to be chatted...each in its way can be a pressing activity that simply must take precedence over work.

But on the 4th of July, I decided I deserved a holiday.

Besides, the new Gateway, in addition to taking up all the empty space we acquired when we got rid of the couch and coffee table in the family room, was calling to me and I was itching to get it set up.

I should add parenthetically that there has been no word from the repair shop on the Compaq. I probably screwed myself when I got so angry and frustrated that I sent a note to the manager, with a copy to the guy who is working to repair it, listing everything that has gone wrong since I first took a working computer which needed a $5 part, in to be fixed. Iím sure once that letter was read, my computer went to the end of the "to be fixed" line. I didnít tell them that it was no longer a pressing need for me. (If it had been, I would have waited till the machine was fixed before writing to the manager.)

Originally I was going to wait until the Compaq came back, then fire it up once, take everything I had installed on it off and burn onto CDs, transfer it all to the Gateway, and put the Compaq up for sale. But I decided I couldnít wait. It was the computer equivalent of money burning a hole in my pocket.

I also wondered whether I wanted to spend a 3-digit temperature day setting up a new computer, but realized Iíd be sitting here in front of a nice fan most of the time, so decided Iíd do it anyway (amazing what a sweat you can work up just installing software!)

I decided that this time, for better or for worse, I wanted to set the machine up myself so I knew what was what, where to find everything, and could take my time learning it all.

The machine is wonderful. I stayed connected to the internet all day (which the Compaq never did) and didnít get disconnected once. It burned a CD without a single glitch. And so far I havenít come across a single thing that gives me a furrowed brow.

I also put every single piece of paper having anything to do with this computer into its own file and I know where the file is.

Best of all, so far I know what Iím doing. Maybe it was all the fighting I did with the Compaq that gave me a good start for it, but Iím feeling very comfortable with this new machine, and am bonding already.

And maybe itís because I havenít pursued every function yet. Iím sure Iím going to get bogged down and frustrated sooner or later. But I have more confidence that Iíll be able to get through it. I also have Gateway in my back yard if I need help. (Plus a friend who has been a Gateway tech support person for the last year or so.)

Gateway also has a book of instructions for networking computers, so I should be able to attach the Gateway to the old HP and transfer files that way. Or so the book says. That was one of my big reservations with the Compaq--how to do it.

That is going to take a little more studying, though.

I loaded software onto the machine all afternoon and Iím getting a little worried about filling up the hard drive.

I only have 15 gigabytes left available


I love this computer!

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