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Pictures from the Cincinnati are now up at Steve's Club Photo page. Our visit with my goddaughter is on MY Club Photo page (called "Lyke Visit").

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30 July 2001

I never thought the day would ever come, but I am tired of playing with this computer today. (sounds of fainting across the country)

With the psychiatrist safely on a 2 week vacation, I didn't feel the need to get up in the middle of the night to work, so set the alarm for 6--and then, of course, was wide awake at 5 anyway.

With 9 disks worth of pictures from yesterday's reunion, and a brand new fast computer under my fingertips, I was happy to get a head start on the "Photo Projects."

The plan was to sort through the pictures and set up a slide show. I actually thought this would take a couple of days to do, but I got into it and eventually had chosen 300 out of all the pictures I'd taken and set about putting the slide show together.

It came out quite good, I had all the captions in place, and then tried to find appropriate music to accompany the show.

Eventually the show was finished, but it's been driving me absolutely bonkers. PicturesToExe is a marvelous program. Its creator, "Igor," has been tweaking it forever, and through his discussion forum, users are able to make suggestions for improvements in the program.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of the program (when I set up the new computer), and had created a couple of shows since I got it installed, but nothing of the magitude of the Reunion Show.

The problem is that midway through the show, the captions disappear and the title pages don't show at all. The music works fine, and is even able to be synchronized to certain slides, which is a new feature. I've tried just about everything, posted messages to the forum, and have been tearing my hair trying to tweak it. I can get the problem to start at different parts of the show, by changing this or that--but it's not consistent enough that I'm able to say why the problem starts.

In any event, I'm very frustrated and am hoping that when tomorrow comes more users will read the message and have a suggestion.

The alternative is to break it down into several slides shows all linked off of an entry title page. This involves figuring out how to do this, which is actually a good thing. In fact, I started working on that. I designed this nice front page but then wanted specialized buttons for it, so had to try to learn how to do that on PhotoImpact 6, which is the graphics program I'm using now.

This meant a lot of learning time with PI6. This was another hour or so at the computer playing with a different program.

Finally in the mid-afternoon I decided to take a break, but of course it was hanging over my head, so after I cleaned the kitchen, I was back here again trying more things. But what is ahead of me is rather time-consuming, and I didn't want to start it at the end of the day.

Instead, I decided to upload ~60 of the better pictures to Club Photo (for the record, I hate their new layout).

Once the pictures were uploaded, I decided to send an e-mail to all the family who have e-mail addresses. Problem is all the addresses haven't been moved over from the old computer yet, so that meant booting up the old machine (for the first time in 3 days!) and copying off the files that I have realized I need on the new one.

There are fewer of them that I need now (just remembered another file I meant to copy--darn it). I really have switched over to the Gateway, which is good. I'm boring people silly with how much I'm enjoying this machine.

By the time I got the address books transferred and the e-mail sent out, Walt had come in to ask if I was ready for him to start the barbecue. I had spent the entire day futzing with this and that. It was actually a very productive day (depending on what you consider "productive"!) but all of it was done sitting here and I really am butt weary at the end of this day.

Tomorrow I'll have to see if I can get the New and Improved Slide Show put together. It should be a lot faster, because I think I know what I'm doing this time around.

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