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The cherries I bought today weren't smiling like these guys--but they sure were yummy.

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Pictures from the Pride March in SF are now up at Club Photo, as are the photos from our weekend in Santa Barbara.

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...AND ON THE 8th DAY...

3 July 2001

...and on the 8th day, God created air conditioning.

Yay, God!

Today we left Godís country, Santa Barbara, with the sun peeking through a thin blanket of fog out on the ocean, with a gentle breeze blowing across the back porch and ruffling my hair as I packed the car. We said goodbye to Walt and his family and my mother and I headed out to Hwy 101 and started the long trip home.

It didnít take 30 minutes before weíd left the cool of the coast and were turning on the air conditioning as the temperatures began to climb.

When we left for Santa Barbara, somehow all our wires got crossed. Walt planned to return on Tuesday, my mother thought we were returning on Sunday, and I thought we were driving back on Monday. Since my mother had commitments for this week, and I had left a stack of work which was only going to get larger in my absence. she and I decided we really couldn't stay until Tuesday.

Walt spent last night, after the barbecue, searching train and plane options for returning, so he could spend a couple more days with his mother, brother and sister--and with Tom. He finally decided to fly home tomorrow night, so my mother and I would be traveling alone.

I knew it was time to leave--all three of my digital camera batteries were dead and I had forgotten to pack the battery charger!

(speaking of which, though, the pictures from the barbecue are available for viewing at Club Photo. Some are pretty good, if I do say so myself).

The trip home was more or less uneventful. We stopped in King City to get gas (and the pump malfunctioned, so it only filled 3/4 full), and to have lunch.

Our choices were Dennyís or a place with the cutesy name of "Coffey Shoppe" (really!). We chose the Coffey Shoppe and were glad we did. Well, kinda. It was a normal looking coffee shop, but the menu was slightly original and the decor was heavy on angels and little prayers decorated with lacey frames. The waitress was incredbly efficient and helpful, though I was disappointed that they had no rye bread for my patty melt (she said it was wonderful on sourdough. Not.) The fries and curly fries were such a huge serving that I wondered if somehow we had ordered a side order by mistake, but no--they came with the lunch.

We packed up lots of food to bring home with us.

And then we continued on up the valley. Near Gilroy, the garlic capitol of California, we stopped at a fruit stand to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. We were hit with a blast of hot air as we stepped out of the car, exceeded only by the temperature inside the fruit stand. I canít imagine working there all day long every day!

I bought a bag of garlic and some wonderful locally grown bing cherries. My mother picked up cherries and some other produce.

We were very grateful that the a/c was functioning well when we got back into the car.

San Francisco was a welcome sight, with some wisps of fog out off the coast. But the city itself was clear as a bell and unfortunately I had to drive, so wasnít able to fully appreciate it. Just as well, since the camera was dead.

By the time we got to my motherís home in Marin County, the temperature in her carport was 108.

I made a bathroom stop and then fired up the car a/c yet again for the last leg of the trip. There is a long stretch of 2-lane road, which goes through a wildlife preserve, where there are no services and no places to pull off. The gas tank was registering low enough that it made me uncomfortable. I knew I had enough gas to make it to the other side (Vallejo) and the nearest gas station, but it was rush hour and I was beginning to think I would remain stopped with the motor running long enough that I would run out of gas.

But the fates were kind and I made it. The tank took 15 gallons of gas, which tells me how close I was to running on empty.

It was an easy hop from the gas station home, with minimal traffic, even though it was the middle of rush hour everywhere else.

When I got here, the dog was hungry, there was more work in the in-box, and the temps had dropped to "only" 101 in our carport. I came in the house, turned on the a/c and the fans, and have settled in for the night.

The weatherpersons predict that we will have triple digits all week. If he knew what was best for him, Walt should stay in Santa Barbara!

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