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29 July 2001

Today was another in a series of Scott-Kirkpatrick family reunions. I gave the history of this event when it was held in August last year, so I won't repeat that here.

I'm not sure how many folks showed up--the estimated number was 80 at its peak. Some who have been coming every year chose to opt out this year, other folks who haven't come since the first one in 1996 came back. It was an afternoon all about "family," though there were a lot of "friends of family" in the group as well. We even managed to take a family photo this year.

The afternoon ran pretty much the way it did last year, with the central activities concerned with food. Is it any wonder we are all "just that much bigger" than last year!

There were barbecued oysters followed by a groaning board of snack food followed by dinner and then dessert. Between dinner and dessert we had the Scottish games and took the family photos.

But there were some changes from last year. To start things, there was a big procession of the "royal family" from last year--my cousin Peach and her husband Bob, who was crowned "king" last year. Bob announced that it was with great sadness that he was renouncing the thrown so that he could follow other pursuits--like golf and fishing--and he turned his crown over to cousin Shirley, who has been a huge part of the success of these reunions. Shirley was crowned and made her acceptance speech (with help from daughter Donna), and then we had a pageant.

My cousin Denise had written a play tracing the history of the Kirkpatrick clan and, with help from her sister Donna and cousin Vickie (and perhaps others) most of the children who attended the event put on a marvelously silly, but entertaining showw, complete with sets, costumes, wigs, and a sound track provided by Bobby Miranda, DJ and "black sheep of the family." (I loved the kids with the kilts and tennis shoes!)

The actors had a marvelous time, a lot of blood was spilled, a few body parts were severed, and in the end, our ancient relative, who goes back to stab an enemy a second time to ensure the guy's death, held aloft his sword and announced "I make sure!" (which is the motto of the Kirkpatrick klan--I mak sikar, in the ancient tongue).

The nice thing about these reunions is that through the six years we have been having them, we are getting to know each other. I have 32 cousins and knew very few of them, really. There were even some I didn't know by name (and certainly had no possibility of recognizing). Our kids didn't know anybody, and I remember when they attended the first one, how surprised they were to discover the size of their extended family.

Now they have made their own relationships within the family and it's always fun to see them catching up with people they haven't seen in a year. Also Ned (with assistance from Tom and Jeri) runs the games for the little kids, and he's always in his element working with kids. He really gets them all participating and it makes the whole afternoon much more fun for everybody.

As the sun started to shine through the trees and through the "stained glass" of the set, we realized it was time to head home. Another reunion under our belts. It's nice to be a part of something called "family."

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