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We've come to the end of Olivia's magnets. The next fridge door belongs to my friend Charlotte.

Char is a wine connoisseur and a lot of her magnets have to do with wines or wineries.

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Read the forum that was banned by one reader's office computer because it has "sexual content." I must be having more fun than I thought!


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Pictures from the Cincinnati are now up at Steve's Club Photo page. Our visit with my goddaughter is on MY Club Photo page (called "Lyke Visit").

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27 July 2001

It has been an amazingly productive day, for someone who barely got off her butt all day.

Today was finally The Day.

Those of you who have been following the saga of my computer upgrade (which has been going on for a year now!) will be relieved, I know, to know that as of today, I am doing work on the new computer, I am designing my journal pages on the new computer, and for all intents and purposes I have finally made the switch.

The Gateway has been problem-free since I set it up and I haven't even found Windows ME to be the problem that everyone told me it was going to be (I know...I know...famous last words).

Thanks to a friend who directed me to the Epson web site, I was able to download the drivers to replace the disks I can't find around here, so now the printer works.

I copied all of my WordPerfect macros to a bazillion disks and transferred them over.

I have moved most of the important graphics.

I'm set up to the Internet (and the Gateway has no problem holding a connection), and also to Compuserve through both of the programs I use most often.

And the CD burner works like a charm.

Can life get better than this?

I will still keep the old computer around because I know that as I begin using this new machine exclusively, I will remember this or that file that I forgot to switch over. I'm sure that is going to go on for a bit, but I won't be switching back and forth every day now, and that's marvelous.

Plus, the Gateway has working sound (which the HP hasn't had for so long I'd forgotten what it was like to have sound!). The FAX connection seems to work. And after I got my Front Page set up, I discovered it came with Front Page 2000, so I may start learning that.

I'm still doing the happy dance tonight!

Best of all, I'm about finished with the backlog of work for the psychiatrist, which means that I will have a two week transcription vacation and can spend the time working on all the computer slide shows I've been wanting to put together.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to leave the coccoon, though, because I'm driving a Breaking Barriers client. I suspect Breaking Barriers thought I was traveling a lot more than I actually was, because I haven't transported anybody in three weeks, but one of my regulars (not Priscilla) needs to get to the doctor's at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and it will be good to see her again.

Life is good tonight. And nobody will have to hear me complain about the computer ever, ever again--I hope.

(Of course Walt just came in to show me the evening newspaper, where I have been accused of being a hate monger for attacking the Salvation Army--by a man who, as a result of my letters to the editor has quadrupled his donations to that organization. Owell...the day was going too perfectly anyway!)

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