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We've come to the end of Olivia's magnets. The next fridge door belongs to my friend Charlotte.

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Pictures from the Cincinnati are now up at Steve's Club Photo page. Our visit with my goddaughter is on MY Club Photo page (called "Lyke Visit").

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(thatís Balkiís line from "Perfect Strangers")

26 July 2001

Some days are diamonds. Days that sparkle. Days when nothing goes wrong and things go right. Today was that kind of a day.

Oh I didnít win the lottery. Nothing that would make the headlines happened. In fact, it was a rather ordinary day. I got up early to make some dents in work that needs to be finished by Saturday, and because I got up so early, I managed to finish not one, but two tapes. Yay me!

With a good bit of work under my belt, I let myself take some time off to make a slide show that I want to take to my cousins this weekend. Itís such a joy to work on the new computer and I sailed through the slide show in no time flat.

At 10 or so I drove downtown to the newspaper office to chat with the Entertainment Editor and pick up the mail that has been piling up for me since March, the last time I was down there.

Thereís something exciting about being at the newspaper office. Iíve never worked for a newspaper, unless you count The Argus, the fly-by-night give away paper for which I worked when I was first getting back to work after David started school.

But that doesnít count. The Davis Enterprise is a real newspaper and as I wandered through the cubicles, seeing all the on-screen layout that is done these days (at The Argus it was strictly paste-up) it was just kind of exciting. I could work in a place like that.

I left the office with a writing assignment which I will be working on next week, and stopped at the supermarket to fill the empty larders here at home. It was a good shopping day. Meat was 2 for 1 and I was able to get enough food to last us for about two weeks and spent less than I usually do for one week. Now thereĎs something to make a person happy!

When I came home, I had a nice phone call from a friend I havenít spoken with in awhile. While she wasnít in the cheeriest of moods because of difficulties in her life at the moment, the call itself brought a smile to my face. It was so good to hear her voice again. I hate it when people move out of my day to day life, and itís always nice to know that despite miles, the relationships remain strong.

In the afternoon, I actually put my nose to the grindstone and got a lot of work done. The psychiatrist I work for is going on a 2 week vacation starting on Saturday, so if I get this backlog finished, Iíll have two whole weeks with no pressure, and that definitely puts a smile on my face.

The expected triple-digit temperatures didnít materialize and it was actually quite pleasant here in the house.

And the evening ends with West Wing.

For a relatiely normal day, it was very pleasant and Iím still dancing the dance of joy.

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