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Read the forum that was banned by one reader's office computer because it has "sexual content." I must be having more fun than I thought!


The Hammer of Eden
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(I bought this in the Houston airport!)


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Pictures from the Pride March in SF are now up at Club Photo, as are the photos from our weekend in Santa Barbara.

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17 July 2001

(happy birthday, Marta!)

The last of the "deliberately lousy" journal entries, I hope. Itís 2 a.m., California time, which means itís 5 a.m. Cincinnati time (though I donít know if I ever crossed over to Cincinnati time at all). Weíve been home about two hours and Iím about ready to zonk out. But the flight(s) were uneventful and itís nice to be home safe and sound.

The most impressive sight I saw today was on the bus from the Sacramento airport to the parking lot to pick up our car. We were sitting across from a woman I had noticed in the Houston airport prior to boarding the plane. Iím not sure why I noticed her in Houston, except that she was an African American woman with blonde hair, which made her look rather striking. Walt noticed that she was wearing a black dress with gold trim, which gave her the appearance of her dress complementing her physical appearance.

When we got into the bus to ride to the parking lot, I glanced over at her and noticed first that her arms and hand were covered with gold bracelets and rings--but then that her fingernails extended about 4". They were highly polished red, and curved under. The sight of them gave me the creeps!

I have known women with long fingernails (and as a typist, it boggles my mind because there is NO way I could do any typing with nails that long. I remember when I was working for a typing service that was purchasing dedicated word processors (pre-Computer age). All the salespeople who came out to demonstrate the machines were female and they all had these impossibly long fingernails that would prevent them from doing the kind of power typing that we did.

But this gal on the bus exceeded--by far--the long-nailed women I see today. I just sat there, trying not to stare, but imagining what it would be like to live with nails that are so long they curve under and meet your palms.

How do you dress yourself? I canít imagine hooking a bra behind me, for example. Letís get down to the nitty gritty--how do you go to the bathroom? You could jab some very tender part just trying to clean yourself!

Iím sure they must have been false nails, but Iím sure (I do not speak from experience) that itís not cheap to have such nails applied, so this isnít something you do for the day on a lark.

Sometimes the things we do to our bodies in the name of beauty amazes me.

Of course, the things I do to my own body are never in the name of beauty.

I finally had to break down on this trip and get used to saying those words I vowed I would never say: "I think I need a seat belt extender."

Iíve prided myself that, as large as I am, at least I can still fit in an airplane seat belt, except for one tiny puddle-jumper type plane we took once, which had very short belts.

However, Continental seems to have shorter than the average belt and though with a lot of huffing and puffing and squeezing, I can manage to close belts on planes for other airlines, there was a good 8" gap between the belt and the buckle on the Continental planes, so I had to bite the bullet and ask for an extender.

It was so comfortable that I just routinely boarded the plane and asked for one. I think Iíve passed the point of no return. When we go to England again in September, I wonít bother cutting my body in half all the way, just for the pride of not having to admit publicly IíM FAT (as if nobody could notice!)

I suppose thatís another step on the road to degredation.

But now I"m going to sleep. Itís good to be home, though we had a marvelous weekend and met some truly wonderful people.

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