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16 July 2001
3:30 a.m.

Man, it gets worse and worse! I am starting this journal at 3:30 a.m. We've been chatting and doing crisis management (fortunately, not mine this time) for hours. But now all have gone to bed, and I'm going to dash off a quick entry before I try to get a couple of minutes' sleep myself. I think I'm going to have to do a real "impressions of Cincinnati" entry tomorrow when we get home!

At dusk tonight, I was standing in the back yard of my goddaughter's home in Independence, Kentucky, across the river from Cincinnati, watching fireflies. I watched the first firefly rise up out of the grass, glow brightly for a few moments, and then disappear...*poof*.

I decided this was a great analogy for the whole weekend. This production of The Last Session is like that firefly. Two weeks ago, five very talented people came together to read through the script. They got the material on stage where it glowed steadily and brightly for some five performances (three of which we were privileged to see). And then, like the firefly I was watching, the lights went out and the magic was gone.

As I followed through the firefly analogy, the sun continued to set and the darker it got, the easier it was to see the fireflies. Suddenly the yard was full of them. Some rose higher than others, some glowed brighter than others, some shined longer than others.

My brain worked overtime and I imagined those fireflies representing people. I thought first of Dickie--Dick Remley, who had such a strong faith in The Last Session and in the magic that surrounds it. TLS helped keep Dickie alive far longer than any doctor would have predicted. He lost his battle against AIDS about a year and a half ago, but his firefly was one of those who glowed brighter than the rest.

I thought also of the kids--David and Paul--and wondered if their fireflies were the the ones who never quite made it as high as the others.

As I continued to watch, the trees adjacent to the property became alive with fireflies so that it looked like a parade of tiny fairies going through the woods on some secret mission.

Unfortunatley (or perhaps fortunately), my imagination was cut short by the departure of our ride back to Cincinnati.

Given that I really, really don't want to spend hours on this entry tonight, given that it's almost time for me to get UP!, it's probably just as well.

Apologies to all who are accustomed to more lucid prose from this web site, but...hey...I'm on vacation, you know. You'll just have to cut me some slack!

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