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15 July 2001

I hope you guys aren't expecting anything particularly coherent from me tonight....uh...this morning... It's pushing 3 a.m. and if I don't get something written here, I might as well start writing tomorrow's entry.

But we've had such an incredible day. I hardly know how to describe it--and as sleepy as I am, won't do it justice.

The day started slowly, with people gradually coming to life and coming to the kitchen. Tho I was the last to sleep, I was (of course) the first awake. I was pleased that I'd "slept in" until 7 until I realized that was 4 a.m. in California, so I was really just keeping my normal hours!

The morning was spent getting ready for the big "TLS Picnic" the Lares were hosting for the Last Session crowd. They have what someone described to me as "the perfect party house." Lots of open space, an incredibly gorgeous wooden deck and gazebo out the back door, and plenty of room for folks to wander around. Martha made it easy on herself and barbecued hotdogs and bratwurst, had chips and dip, and ordred fruit, veggie, and dessert platters. A marvelous time was had by all.

Toward the end of the afternoon, Steve went into the piano and sang a few songs, including a new one he's working on, a song he and I wrote together, and a new song even he hadn't heard before, which was a parody of one of his songs written by Michael Sugar from the TLS group, with a bit of tweaking and assistance from yours truly. We handed Steve the lyric sheet and he performed it cold--and loved it.

He then talked a bit about how important his legion of friends had been in his continuing to fight for life. He was simple and eloquent and I suspect there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I know mine certainly weren't dry.

Everyone went home and a those of us staying here picked at the food for a couple of hours and then went back into Cincinnati for tonight's performance of The Last Session. Can this cast get any better? We thought they were incredible last night, but as incredible as they were last night is how much better they were tonight. Strong voices all, wonderful characterizations, and Todd Almond, who plays Buddy, the young conservative Christian who is convinced he's going to save Gideon from his evil homosexual ways, is the very best that I have seen. I haven't seen them all, since the show had already played NY for several months and was closing in LA, with its second "Buddy" by the time I saw it for the first time, but I did see it in LA, Denver, Baltimore, and now Cincinnati and Almond is head and shoulders above all the other Buddies I've seen (and not just because he's about 8' tall either!)

There was another "talk back" after the show, this time involving the whole cast and I was able to get some great photos, which I had intended to put in here, but not at this hour, thankyouverymuch.

We returned home and nibbled at leftover picnic food. Martha and Gary went off to bed around 1 a.m., and I figured the rest of us--Walt, myself, Michael, and Sarah, both of whom are also staying here. But instead we sat up talking about all sorts of things, from coming-out stories (Sarah has been giggling about Michael's--which may not translate well on paper--for hours) to death and dying.

You know, people come to these TLS gatherings and we usually hook up with some friends in the area whom we haven't seen in years, and when the show ends, we go off to visit them. This is the first time we have stayed with TLS folks and been in the thick of things. I feel so incredibly close to everyone who has come to Cincinnati--and especially to Michael and Sarah after this evening (and, of course, to Martha and Gary, who have taken us into their home). But I'm much too sleepy to make this all more than a simple "how I spent my day" entry. I hope that when we get back home on Monday night, I can begin to make some better sense out of this very special weekend.

For now, there is only one more performance, tomorrow's matinee, and we will be back to see the end of this run. There is already talk of bringing the production back again next summer for a repeat.

We will definitely be here, if they do.

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