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The Last Session
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Pictures from the Pride March in SF are now up at Club Photo, as are the photos from our weekend in Santa Barbara.

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The Last Session

14 July 2001

Following tonight's performance of The Last Session there was a "talk session," which was supposed to include all of the performers and give members of the audience an opportunity to ask questions.

As it turned out, Steve was the only one who came out, and he sat for about 10-15 minutes answering questions from the audience. At the conclusion, everyone applauded, he took his bow, went off stage, and the stage lights were dimmed. Then he turned around, jumped back up on stage and yelled "Oh Wait! There's one more story I want to share with you!"

They brought the lights back up again and he told this story which had just happened that morning.

It seems that a woman had called the artistic director that morning. She is living with AIDS and had decided this week that she was tired of fighting, tired of drugs, tired of symptoms, and she was just giving up. She told all of her family and friends, and she quit her life-saving medications.

As it happened, her boss had tickets to The Last Session last night but had to go out of town, so he offered her the tickets. He told her he wasn't sure what it was about but it was something about AIDS.

She wasn't really interested, but decided to go anyway.

At the end of the show, she changed her mind about giving up the fight and went back home to start the medication regimen again.

This is at least the second life that Steve knows which has been saved by accidentally stumbling on The Last Session at moments of crisis in their lives. (A man in New York had made up her mind to commit suicide and after seeing the show, decided to get psychiatric help.)

Whether you really, really love this show or not (as I obviously do--otherwise what am I doing sitting in a strange house in Loveland, Ohio at 1 a.m. writing this journal entry???), magic things happen to people who see The Last Session. Lives are changed.

My own history with this show isn't quite miraculous, but it certainly came along at the right time. I saw it exactly one month after Paul died and saw it strictly because it was something to do on the day Paul was to have done his monologue show in Davis. But seeing that show literally changed my life.

It opened my world to Steve, and to the host of beautiful people who have been drawn to this show. It gave me someone to take care of in somewhat the same way I took care of Paul (i.e., doing publicity), and it introduced me to one of my best friends, Steve, who has been an amazing force in my life for the past two years.

Other people tell stories of having been closed off to emotions following death or illness and having The Last Session be the catalyst for opening the flood gates and allowing healing to happen.

Gay kids talk about bringing their parents to see the show and using the show as a way of coming out to their families for the first time.

There is a whole list of people whose lives have been changed by this show. I feel so incredibly blessed to have become a part of the world that surrounds it. The show itself is good (and this particular Cincinnati production is particularly excellent), but the TLS experience transcends the show itself.

We're still kind of numb. We left the house this morning at 5:30, after a whopping 1 hrs of sleep (for me) and 2 hrs of sleep (for Walt). We were in transit most of the day and then were whisked from the airport to a restaurant in downtown Cincinnati, where we had a leisurely dinner.

Then we went off to the theatre to meet old and new friends and watch the show. Following the "talk," we were driven out here to Loveland, which is about 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and now everybody has gone to bed and I'm sitting here trying to be coherent with essentially no sleep. I think I'm going to give up.

I'm so glad that we came. It will be another whirlwind trip, but these TLS experiences are never dull and I always feel that my life has been just a little more enriched for having spent time with the TLS family.

And so...to sleep....

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