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11 July 2001

Iím feeling like the girl whose father locked her in the barn to spin straw into gold. Iím waiting for a little man to come and help me--and Iíll even consider giving him my first born son for the favor.

We are leaving on Friday morning to fly to Cincinnati.

Why, you ask, would any sane person voluntarily go to Ohio in the middle of summer? (Aye, thereís the crux of the problem; the operative word here is "sane.")

Itís The Last Session, of course. Steve is doing the run of the show for The Ensemble Theatre in Cincinnati (yíall come, you hear! Iíd love to meet you and reports are this is one of the best productions yet).

So we fly in Friday evening, see the show Friday night, attend a picnic with the cast, fans, friends, etc. on Saturday afternoon, see the show Saturday night, and then just for something to do on Sunday, catch the matinee. We fly home on Monday.

The things I do for that Schalchlin guy.

But the problem with going out of town for four days is that suddenly I seem to be deluged with tapes for transcription. The guy who gives me two to three tapes a week has been giving me one or two tapes a day. The guy I havenít heard from in a couple of months has a rush job that needs to be done tonight.

Originally I thought I could get it all done, or at least make a big dent in it, but I forgot Siobhan and Peter. The Irish cousins.

They are arriving in town (San Francisco) today and want to see the family before they leave. The only day that can happen is Thursday, and the meeting (if all goes well) will be at my brother-in-lawís house which is about an hourí drive from here.

This pretty effectively eliminates Thursday as a day to work, and once we get home from seeing the cousins, there wonít be any time to do anything but get some sleep prior to leaving for the airport at 5 a.m. or some other ungodly hour.

So that means that I have tonight and tomorrow for transcription. Period.

Iím looking around my ankles for a little man named Rumpelstiltskin who will woo me with cunning wiles and get all this work magically finished for me, and then hit me with a hefty price. (But Iím on to him--I already know his name).

Either that or maybe if I leave the tapes all lined up neatly when I go to sleep tonight, some elves will come and transcribe them all for me and leave me neat little piles of work when I wake up, because Iím such a good hearted person and deserving of their help.

(Looking for additional fairy tale analogies I wish I could somehow tie transcription into photography so I could use "some day my prints will come," but I donít have time for such nonsense)

But anyway, if you see a dwarf wandering around the road looking for a desperate matron, send him my way. Iím sure my first born sonís wife wonít mind it if he ends up being carried off as repayment for a debt. (Given said sonís penchant for lively discussion, Iím betting the dwarf will bring him back within a week.)

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