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28 December 2001

I've killed a good friend.

For years--ever since the kids were little--I've used this Tupperware juice container. First it was for juice, and then, every day I use it to fill the coffee maker with water.

It sits on the stove during the day (and the ants come to drink the water that's in the bottom--really. The stove can be spotlessly clean and there will be a trail of ants up to and into the container, and they're all lined up around the water that's left in the bottom, drinking. It's raining outside, ants! If you want water, go to you own home!)

But last night, I killed it.

Melted it.

I broiled steaks and I forgot to take it off the top of the stove. This morning this is what I found:

tupperware.jpg (9111 bytes)

(the astute among you will note that since I found it this morning that probably means I didn't do the dishes last night)

It's not that I don't have another container to use for pouring water into the coffee pot. In fact, I have another, different style, Tupperware container and so I used that this morning.

But it's not the same.

I do not make changes easily. If something works, I'm happy to use it forever because I'm comfortable with it. I continued to use DOS long after I needed to because I knew it and didn't like the busy Windows screen.

I'm still using Netscape 4.7, even though there has been an upgrade for a long time. It just doesn't work the way my old familiar Netscape works.  (Don't even talk to me about IE)

I have used PaintShop Pro, but a very old version. Never learned how to use the newer versions.

It took Peggy to get me to actually switch from PaintShopPro to Photo Impact, when she showed me some of the bells and whistles and finally got me excited.

Those who have been reading this journal for some length of time know how long it took me to switch from my old computer to my new one. More than a year!

I don't give up "tried and true" without a fight.

The same extends to life beyond the computer. The hardest part of having our car stolen a couple of years ago was that even though it was old and falling apart, it was comfortable. It took me a year to bond with the newer Honda (though the CD player helped get me over the discomfort!)

I hate new shoes. I just get a pair all broken in and I'm not about to go out and look for something new. I remain loyal to one or two pairs of shoes and wear them till they fall apart.

It even extends to music. I go through phases. I read journals all the time which talk about what music is in their CD players as they write.  I could never do that.   It would be a boring as "What I'm Reading," which doesn't change for months at a time.   For me, when I get excited about a particular singer, I play that music endlessly until I finally overdose on it and move on to something else.

For a long time it was Steve's new CD, which I played almost exclusively for months. Over and over again. I could gauge a trip by when I got to certain songs. ("If it's Friendly Fire then it's just 10 minutes to Priscilla's house...")

When Peggy was here, we were driving around mountains and played John Denver, which seemed like good mountain-driving music. I'd always enjoyed John Denver, and after he died, I ordered a CD set of his greatest hits, but hadn't listened to it much. But I listened so much when Peggy was here, that gradually John began to replace Steve as the preferred music (I know Steve will be thrilled to read that--hey, at least it's not Barry Manilow!). I discovered that I wanted to hear more of his music and I started buying CDs. I now have enough of his CDs to qualify myself as a "collector." It's John Denver in the car all the time--he even has four Christmas CDs, so I can spend an entire trip listening to Christmas music and never run out of new John Denver.

I know there will come a day when I'll find something I want to listen to more than John Denver, and I know there will come a day when I'll feel comfortable using the new Tupperware container, just as I now love my new computer and my new car.

But I'm definitely a "rut" person, so if you're going to introduce me to something new, better make sure it's either so exciting it's worth making an instant switch, or give me time to adjust to the change.

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