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26 December 2001

I was so totally exhausted last night, the last thing I wanted to do was write a journal entry.  This morning I am off to work, so this is going to be quick--and visual. 

It was a very good day.

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Breakfast for only the 3 of us this time--last year all the kids were there, but this year Ned & Marta were with her family, and Tom was with his girlfriend's family.
Uncle Norm got a clarinet lesson from Jeri--he was able to play "Deck the Halls" by the time Ned arrived

xmas-clarinet.jpg (12374 bytes)

xmas-turk.jpg (23742 bytes) It was a beautiful turkey.
The table looked very nice, with all the candles for illumination

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xmas-tbl2.jpg (35718 bytes) It was nice having the family gathered around the table.
Grandma got a little silly xmas-heil.jpg (33689 bytes)

xmas-gift.jpg (21528 bytes)

Time for gifts.
Jeri's favorite was a hat with ear flaps, for when she's biking in the cold Boston winter

xmas-hat.jpg (14758 bytes)


And now it's time to get back to normal...and to work.

I hope everyone had a good day, whatever you were doing!


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