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24 December 2001

I miss Christmas.

I miss the excitement of a little kid wondering if Santa is going to come.

I miss the pitter patter of feet and the squeal of excitement on discovering a mountain of wrapped packages.

I miss the excitement of being a child and listening at the door in the dark, certain I'd heard Santa's ho-ho-ho.

I miss putting out milk and cookies (or watching our own kids put out cookies and beer, 'cause our Santa hated milk).

I miss Christmas carols sung by a choir.

But most of all, I miss "Merry Christmas."

We've become so politically correct that even if I'm looking at a photo of someone's Christmas tree and saying that I'm getting ready to decorate my Christmas tree, we both say our farewells with "Happy Holidays."

"Christmas" has become politically incorrect. It's so politically incorrect that only a very small percentage of the cards we received this year even hinted at any religious tie in to the holiday.

I feel guilty when I look through my own stash of cards and realize that there isn't a one that I can send to my nun-friend, who will be expecting a little bit of religion with her greeting. I've given in to funny --though appropriate-- Shoebox greetings.

I will admit to having given up church going, but I miss manger scenes, which can't be displayed in public now for fear of offending someone (won't work even to display a manger scene, a menorah and something commemorating Kwanza because it might offend athiests)

I miss Christmas plays in the schools. Paul's first play was a Christmas play and I remember the excitement of getting ready for the Santa story. I don't have kids in school any more, so I don't know what they do before the "winter holiday," but I'm sure it has nothing to do with Santa Claus.

Do teachers get "winter holiday gifts"?

Of course I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the problem. Tonight, on Christmas eve, we will go to the home of our daughter-in-law's family for margaritas and burritos and when then at midnight, when we used to go to church to sing Christmas carols and attend midnight Mass, we will be out at the cemetery taking a secular tree to the grave of our children.

I dunno. The spirit of the season has just passed me by. Something is off. I think perhaps the magic of the whole season is just gone for me.

But at least we finally have a Christmas tree up and decorated--and it's not even Christmas day yet!

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and for the athiests,

happy winter holiday

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