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This is the last Christmas magnet.  This one belongs to my friends, Ellen and Shelly, who are kind of the poster children for gay rights around here. 

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For those masochistic enough to want to read the on-line version of my Christmas letter, you can find it here.

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21 December 2001

Last year about this time, I was revelling in my own depression, agonizing over whether or not I'd get the house ready for Christmas, and watching lots of sappy Christmas movies on TV during the day.

This year it's different. For one thing, I've already started decorating and there are still four whole days left.

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OK. So it's not Nordstrom's window. But at least all the cards are in one place (can you pick out the card from the entertainment editor of the local paper? Have you been paying attention?)

The tree was in the house for a bit, but the rug became a swamp, so it was moved outside again. Then Walt found something like a gigantic green pizza pan to put the tree on, so it's back inside again. I'm thinking of just running lights around the mesh that is holding it together. Sure would be a heck of a lot easier!

So with so much already "done," I took myself off to Sacramento today to have a bone scan done. This was my first bone density study to be done and I've been having a go-round with Kaiser about it. It was requested by my PCP in April and I finally got the card setting my appointment in November. In between April and November, I'd started the new job and I could no longer take time off on any day but Friday. The appointment was set for Wednesday.

So I left a message on the appointment phone saying I had to have a Friday appointment. Lo and behold the new appointment arrived. For a Thursday. Furious, I called and managed to get a real person who explained that she had requested a Friday, but that she'd put it through again. So the new card came--for another Thursday!

I considered sending a nasty letter, with copies to the Medical Director and adding a cc to an attorney to see if I couldn't get this thing done the way I wanted it, but as luck would have it, the particular Thursday was one when Dr. G wasn't going to be in the office anyway, so I decided to just go and have it done with.

It was pouring rain as I drove to Sacramento. We've had two very bad truck accidents in the last two days, with lots of loss of life, closing of freeways, etc. With my innate fear of driving by semi's on the freeway in any weather, doing it in a monsoon was not fun.

But I finally got there. Presented myself to the sign-in desk with 15 whole minutes to spare and figured I could read my book. That's when they told me my appointment had been cancelled! I haven't a clue who cancelled it, but I was about to let steam escape from my ears when they found out that the originally scheduled 9:30 appointment had also cancelled, so they could do me after all.

Thank goodness. I'd hate to waste a perfectly good panic attack (for the drive) for nothing.

The operator took me in right away and started to ask me to get on the table, but then asked how much I weighed. Houston, we have a potential problem right off.  I came in just about the maximum the table would hold. She had to go confer with someone, but finally came back and said that she could do the scan after all. (This did wonders for my self-esteem, of course).

The scan itself is nothing. You don't even have to remove clothing. Just lie down on the table (and hope you don't break it) and let death rays penetrate your body and then wait a couple of weeks to find out if your bones are going to crumble as you get older. Much more pleasant than a mammogram.

When the scan was over, I went back to the office. Today was the day I was finally going to conquer the bank book. I have put all the figures into Quicken and last Friday, before Dr. G left for 2 weeks, I went over and over and over the two--the bank book and Quicken. Quicken says we have  minus $300. The bank book says we have plus $1500. No small discrepancy!

The office has no printer, so I took the files from Quicken home and printed it all out here. Then I took the print-out back to the office and double checked every single figure. I found a couple of errors, but not enough to settle the discrepancy. The last hour and a half in the office today consisted of me adding columns of figures over and over and over again and getting the same answer, which does not match Quicken, though all the figures supposedly match.

I finally decided I was much too frazzled to finish, so I brought everything home with me. One problem with the office is that all we have for a calculator is a little hand held one, so you can't run a paper tape to make sure you did it right and I'm not sure if we have such a calculator here, but at least I can spread out a bit more.

I don't expect to have any more luck with a change of location, but at least when I start banging my head against the wall, I can find a wall that already has a hole in it (punched out by one of the kids in a rage when they were growing up.) I'm sure Dr. G will be most appreciative.

Of course this means I'll be doing bookkeeping and not decorating tonight, but at least I have my card wreath up.

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