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2 December 2001

I guess you have to give these yahoos an E for Effort. You also have to wonder how many stupid people out there actually believe this crap. In among the offers of low mortgage rates, free cell phones, DVDs for 4-cents, penis enlargers, and a hundred other advertisements that have crossed my desktop in the past week, came the following:

Subject: Urgent message
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:07:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Wisdom sankoh wisdomsankoh@yahoo.com
To: basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us

(Right off the bat, I am suspicious of someone named "Wisdom.")

Dear sir,

("Wisdom" doesn't realize that I am female)

I am well confident of your capability to assist me in a transaction for mutual benefit of both parties, ie (me and you)

Wisdom has obviously gotten wind of my newly discovered financial prowess, keeping books for Dr. G.

I am also believing that you will not expose or betray the trust and confidence I am about to establish with you.

Sorry, Wisdom. I've put you in my journal for all of my Estonian readers to check out.

I have decided to contact you with greatest delight and personal respect.

And I'm delighted to be contacted, Wisdom, though perhaps not quite with the same amount of respect that you hold for me.

Well, I am WISDOM SANKOH, Son to FODAY SANKOH who was arrested by the ECOMAOG PEACE KEEPING FORCE months ago in my country Sierra Leone.

Few days before the arrest of my father, he confided in me and ordered me to go to his underground safe and move out immediately...

Maybe Foday Sankoh (which really sounds like Pig Latin to me) is the son of Osama bin Laden. I mean think about it...who else has so much money in an underground vault?

...with a Deposit Agreement and Cash Receipt he made with a security Company in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire where he deposited One Iron Box containing USD$ 22 million dollars cash (Twenty Two Million dollars). This money was made from the sell of Gold and Diamond by my father and he have already decided to use this money for future investment of the family.

I might suggest investing in a little education

Thereafter, I rushed down to Abidjan with these two documents and confirmed the deposit of the box by my father. Also, I have been granted political stay as a Refugee by the Government of Côte d'Ivoire.

Meanwhile, my father have instructed me to look for a trusted foreigner who can assist me to move out this money from Côte d'Ivoire immediately for investment .

And so, out of all the Internet, you have chosen ME as the person you trust above all to help you move your family fortune to this country?

Based on this , I solicit for your assistance to transfer this fund into your Account, but I will

demand for the following requirement:

Based on what? My trustworthiness? As proven by what?

(1) Could you provide for me a safe Bank Account where this fund will be transferred to in your country or another neaarby country where taxation will not take great toll on the money?

Yeah. Right. Sure, fella. Right away.

(2) Could you be able to assist me to obtain my travelling papers after this transfer to enable me come over to meet you in your country for the investment of this money?

Ahh...now I see how I became trusted. It was that phone number on the wall of the telephone booth in Rio de Janiero: "for a good time in the United States call...." (that was the days before email)

(3) Could you be able to introduce me to a profitable business venture that would not require much technical expertise in your country where part of this fund will be invested?

Heck, if I could find a profitable business venture that would not require much technical expertise, would I be scrubbing speculums on Sunday afternoons for $11.50 an hour?

Please, all these requirements are urgently needed as it will enable me to establish a stronger business relationship with you hence I will like you to be the general overseer of the investment thereafter. I am a Christian and I will please, want you to handle this transaction based on the trust I have established on you.

When in doubt, play the religion card. Obviously we are of like minds, in Wisdom's eye. And because he's a good Christian, I am going to turn over my bank account to him. (Will he pay my outstanding credit card debt?)

For your assistance in this transaction, I have decided to offer you 12% percent commission of the total amount at the end of this business. The security of this business is very important to me and as such, I would like you to keep this business very confidential. I shall expect your urgent reply.

Well, Wisdom, I'd sure like to help you out, but right now I'm a little strapped for cash. But if you send me the 12% in advance, based on the trusting relationship we've already established, I'll be happy to consider it.

Thank you and God bless you

I'm sure you'll respect me in the morning, Wisdom, but God ain't no dummy, and neither am I.

One Year Ago:
World AIDS Day

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photo albums after 90 days,
so the photos which were once there,
have been removed now)

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