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8 August 2001

Have you seen it? They've now come out with purple catsup.

The obvious question is: why?

Supposedly it's to make it appealing to kids, but I ask you--what kid do you know who doesn't like catsup--the regular, boring ol' red kind.

And if they don't like catsup, is making it appealing really a goal to strive for?

Or is it that old "catsup is a vegetable thing?" Do kids get so little exposure to vegetables in their daily life that we need to push catsup to make sure they get the proper amount of veggies in their diet? (And does having catsup, purple or not, on a big dish of greasy fries cancel out the nutritional value of the catsup?)

There's something about food color. When our mouth tells us it's a familiar food and the color on the plate is something we can't relate to, it causes all sorts of problems.

Years ago when I was in high school, I used to spend summers with my cousin. One year I was there when her parents were celebrating their anniversary. Peach and I decided to cook dinner for them as a special treat. I think she was 16 and I was 13 at the time. Neither of us had much experience with cooking a meal.

The menu was: meatballs stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, and string beans.

My aunt figured we couldn't screw up too badly, and if we did, there was leftover roast beef in the refrigerator to fall back on.

Since we had no experience in meal planning, we cooked the various dishes one at a time, starting with the potatoes. After the potatoes were mashed, we made the meatballs, and finally the string beans.

There was only enough meat for a couple of meatballs and the cheese stuffed in them turned them into a gloppy mess.

And we decided that since it was a special occasion, we would put some food coloring in the potatoes. Red, Green, and Yellow.

And then just to round out the color scheme, we added blue dye to the string beans.

When my aunt and uncle came to the table, what they saw were stone cold multi-colored mashed potatoes, pathetic meatballs, and totally inedible string beans. And two very proud cooks.

I think they tried. They really tried to eat this horrendous meal we'd served them, but they had to give up and admit that there just was no way they could eat red mashed potatoes, even if they had been warm.

The problem was that the backup plan had failed too. We had spent the afternoon cooking and while we were cooking, we snacked on the leftover roast and had eaten it all.

I'm not sure, but I think that was one of the rare years when my aunt actually got taken out to dinner for her anniversary--so I suppose that in the long run maybe we did them a favor after all.

I wonder if I should invite my cousin over to have some fried potatoes and purple catsup. It would be like old times.

(P.S.-- I'm not really moving to Oregon)

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