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8 August 2001

Yes, I'm moving to Oregon. I know this is going to come as a great surprise to Walt and everybody else who knows me.

It wasn't my decision. The fates made it for me.

I took some sort of Internet quiz (which I can't find to link to now) to determine which is the perfect place in the United States for me to live. It turned out to be run by some real estate-based organization, but you answer something like 50 different questions about your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle and it gives you a list of about 20 of the best places for you to live in the country.

There was an opportunity to choose the part of the country you wish to live, but I decided to let the quiz choose from the entire country.

I think five of the perfect places of me were in Oregon. Only one was in California--Santa Cruz. Davis definitely didn't make the list. There were a few places on the east coast and I think maybe one in North Carolina, but Oregon was the heavy favorite.

Oregon is a state I don't know too much about. I've been in Seattle several times and love that part of the country, but I think I've only been in Oregon (other than passing through) two or three times.

We visited a friend who lives in a suburb of Portland the year that Mt St. Helens erupted (1981). The kids were all little and we had our very first foreign student with us on that trip. I still have pictures of everybody in the car, wearing face masks to help keep out the ash that was still present in the air.

I thought at the time that Portland seemed to be a nice town.

We were last in Portland a year ago for Netstock, a gathering of women from CompuServe who meet together for one weekend each year, and have been doing so since 1996 (we will meet in London in September of this year).

Again, I thought Portland seemed a nice, pleasant place to live. It reminded me of San Francisco in the years when I was growing up, before it became the teeming metropolis that it is now.

So perhaps there is something in this "perfect place for Bev to live" thing.

Eugene was another choice for my perfect location, but I'm not familiar with Eugene. If I've been there, I can't call up a mental image at all.

As I took the test, certain characteristics of my "ideal place" became clear to me. Paradise has to be near a large body of water, preferably an ocean (Davis does not qualify by a long shot!). The proximity to the amenities of a city is important, though I discovered that I like the quiet of someplace smaller, so perhaps a suburb.

Weather was a consideration--not too many really hot days, and I can take heavy rain better than long stretches of heat.

So it looks like to be truly happy, I'm going to have to move to Oregon.

I'm sure Walt won't mind.

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