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21 August 2001

I am a woman obsessed.

I probably wouldn't have gotten so carried away if I still was working under the pressure of stacks and stacks of tapes to transcribe. But the psychiatrist was away for 2 weeks, and since he's been back, he only has given me two tapes, both of which I dispatched in record time (thank you, Wellbutrin). So I don't have work that I feel the need to sit at my desk and pretend to be doing.

Also, because of the luncheon I gave last week, the house is still relatively clean--well, the "living" parts of it anyway. What needs to be worked on is the part that people don't generally see.

And Walt is busy first trying to fix the old garbage disposal, and then, deciding it was hopeless, buying and installing a new one. Unfortunately, he's missing one crucial piece, so he won't get it finished until perhaps tonight (he spent today working on moving The Mikado into the theatre for The Lamplighters). But this means that all of the stuff under the kitchen sink is still all over the kitchen floor and tools decorate the counter and kitchen table. I can't really straighten that up till the project is finished.

Oh, trust me, there is lots and lots and lots that could be done, but it's not as visible, so I haven't been suffering as much guilt about it.

When I realized I had what could be termed "free time," I started playing around...just a little...with organizing pictures from our trip to England in May. I just kinda started going through the digital photos and saving the ones I eventually wanted to put into a slide show into a separate folder so that when I had time, it would be easier to make the show.

I started doing that at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

At 3 p.m., I realized I had worked through lunchtime and hadn't even noticed. I had a snack, worked some more and then had to put everything aside so we could go out to dinner.

But when we came home, I was "almost finished" with the first slide show, so I stayed up "for just a bit" to finish. That was at 10 p.m. I got to sleep at 2 a.m. But the pictures of the boat trip were sorted and put into a slide show, complete with background music.

I was so thrilled with it that on Sunday, I started working on the rest of the trip. Those parts were shorter, so it only took me all day and into the wee small hours of the morning to finish both shows.

This morning I designed the title page that ties all three shows together and am so tickled with it I can hardly stand myself.

It was so wonderful to have it all done and I had such an incredible feeling of accomplishment, that I started looking at disks of photos which are still waiting to get into a slide show.

I made a couple of short ones and then thought "well, I'll just look through the pictures of our trip to Santa Barbara."

Marta's mother had to drag me away from the computer this evening when she came to pick me up to take me to review Show Boat (a very bad production, by the way).

I'm afraid tomorrow morning the psychiatrist is going to drop off more work and I'll have stuff to sit here and look at (I can never justify "playing" with slide shows when I have work sitting here looking at me).

But it's been a wonderful creative project for the last couple of days. I also uploaded one of the slide shows to ZDNet, if anybody wants to know what the heck I'm talking about. This is a very short show--pictures I took the day our Brasilian daughter became an American citizen. It's a complete program, for which you don't need to have any special program (if you can hear MIDI, you'll get the sound).

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