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Refrigerator Door

The next fridge door belongs to my friend Martha, in Cincinnati.

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Made feel nostalgic to see this--
we went to a Bob Evans restaurant
when we visited Jeri in Ohio
several years ago.

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What's your idea of the best place to live?

Talk about it here.


Just finished reading this--
it's a good read...
trying to decide what to read next.

The Hammer of Eden
Ken Follett


Live in the Actors Studio

Pictures from the Cincinnati are now up at Steve's Club Photo page.

Pictures from our Family reunion are on my own Club Photo page.

That's it for today!


13 August 2001

How very strange.

It's not like there's nothing to do around here. In fact, Walt's been busily working all day, preparing to go off to Hawaii at the crack of dawn tomorrow (work trip, alas...no playtime). There is cleaning to be done, dust bunnies to corral, closets to clean, clothes to fold, rugs to vacuum, etc., etc., etc.

But I'm still sitting here with an empty work in-box, a book I was getting hooked on, and no commitments to be anywhere all day long.

So I took Sunday as a day of rest.

There are those who will argue that every day for me is a day of rest, and perhaps there is some truth to that, but I have the decency to feel guilty about it anyway. Today I was going to take a day of rest and not feel guilty.

I was going to sleep in, but awoke at my usual 5:30. I got up and wrote the journal entry for today (which I posted, but forgot to add to the front page, so only those on the notify list and people who think to change the URL to the latest date actually saw it, I think!).

I zipped through my daily journal reads in record time--it helped that since this was a weekend, several journals had not been updated.

I made a slide show of last night's going away party for Jeri and in the process got my photo disks all organized. It was after 1 p.m. before I even realized it.

Then I took a couple of hours off to finish "The Hammer of Eden." Good book, guys. It's definitely a gripper at the end. Walt is going to take it off with him to Hawaii. This may be a bad recommendation on my part, because he doesn't rip through books in speedy time and if he gets as hooked in it as I got, I may never get our broken garbage disposal fixed.

I sorted through a drawer of old program disks and found a ton that were so outdated I'd never use them again, so I spent time deleting all the old files, which gives me a whole slew of brand new disks.

By then it was time to watch Helen Hunt on "Live from the Actors Studio" (a show I really enjoy when I remember to watch it, which I usually don't).

I cooked dinner for Walt and then installed a couple of programs on the computer. Now I'm writing this journal again and will soon go to sleep so I can get up to see Walt off at 5 a.m.

A really boring day, but the best part about it was the freedom from guilt. But I have great plans for tomorrow.

I'm starting to be a bit more vocal about being cautiously optimistic about the new medications. I know that they take a couple of weeks to kick in, but from day #1 on these medications, I have had a completely different feeling about food and am eating like a "normal" person. I'm very pleased about that. I might actually lose weight taking this drug--that would make me less depressed right away!

But overall, I already feel better. It's so early in this regimen that it could just be psychosomatic reaction, but heck, I'll take it. I know I have more energy than I have had in months and that's a wonderful thing!

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