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10 August 2001

The delta breezes have arrived. This means that the cool air coming up from San Francisco manages to squeeze through the opening in the Vaca Mountains (really hills) and push on up toward Sacramento. It means that the 100 temps drop, the afternoons are pleasant, and when the sun sets, there is a nice cool breeze blowing. It's a lovely phenomenon that makes summers bearable around here.

If the air temperature has dropped it can mean only one thing: it's time to walk the dog.

Walt and I have been taking Kimba out for walks at night, when it's not too warm. For me, it's a question of walking the dog; for Walt, it's a question of walking me. He's determined that whatever questionable "fitness" I have is going to remain (or improve) for our trip back to London next month.

The walks have helped turn Kimba from a Vienna sausage with legs into an animal with a bit more defined shape. I'm not sure it's having the same effect one me, but the recent news reports of the beneficial effects of even minimal exercise on preventing adult onset diabetes makes me realize that this is a good thing, no matter how much I drag my feet at actually getting out and walking.

Kimba's not quite sure what to make of all this. In all her years with us, she's never had this much attention and she's playing it cool so we don't remember that we never used to do this before.

I was inspired, when we returned from our walk, to sit down and write the history of Kimba and the other dogs in our life. It was quite eloquent. When I finished it, I had this nagging feeling that I'd written it before, so I went back through my database of journal entries and sure enough, on April 25, 2000, I told the whole story. The thing I found somewhat amusing was that in reading the older entry, I realized I'd said almost exactly the same thing in just about the same way--even using some of the same sentences.

Obviously my brain has no new material; it just regurgitates familiar old material over and over again.

But even though my brain seems to be stuck in a chronosynclastic infandibulum (go read Kurt Vonnegut), at least I can say that I had a productive day today. I started the antidepressant two days ago and while I know that it takes a couple of weeks for the effect to kick in, I have found myself a little better able to focus these past two days. If could just be a psychological response to thinking about what I hope to get out of taking medications,

Whether a result of the medications or some sort of power of suggestion, I feel like I accomplished a bit today. I finished all the work the psychiatrist left for me when he took off on vacation, for one thing. I generally find that after 20 years, I get so bored with his dicatation that I fall asleep after the first note, but I was able to stick with it and get it all done, and in so doing, have just about finished setting up the new computer with all the macros that I had on the old one, and with a new way to calculate charges for dictation. I'm pretty pleased about that.

He's not due home for 3 days yet and won't any new dictation for 4-5 days, so I have a real "vacation" now with no work hanging over my head.

I also got out in the morning and went to the lab to get blood drawn. I'm having a whole battery of long-overdue tests done--cholesterol, thyroid, glucose tolerance, etc. It's time to find out just how badly I've abused this body and start working on getting it fit again, or as fit as it's going to be.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the antidepressant. This is one they give to people with weight problems and several people whose chart notes I've typed have lost weight while taking it. I don't know how long it takes for any effect like that to kick in, but I have found that my attitude toward food has just been "different" in the past two days. It's not as important to me as it always is, and that has resulted in my eating normally, and passing up "bad food" for "good food."

I had a dental appointment yesterday and my dentist, who has been a friend for a long time, was telling me she's on Meridia, which you see advertised on TV as a diet drug. She tells me it's just an SSRI, like the Wellbutrin I'm taking. She's been on it for 8 months and has lot a significant amount of weight. She described exactly the same feeling I've had these past two days--she's not dieting, but she just doesn't have the need to overeat, or to eat high fat foods any more.

I'll wait a few weeks before I really believe that this is really an effect of this pill, but if it is, I will be very happy.

If it is, maybe some day I, too, will be a bit more than an upright vienna sausage on legs and will start having some defined features, just like Kimba. The combination of eating sensibly, continuing to walk the dog, getting my health needs met...it all sounds just too "normal" for me. It must be a midlife crisis.

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