Funny the World...

September 2004


Sept 30 Camera du Jour
Sept 29 X-Rated
Sept 28 Keeping to My Schedule
Sept 27 Dog Day Afternoon
Sept 26 Ground Zero
Sept 25 The City that Never Sleeps
Sept 24 Lost and the Big Apple
Sept 23 In Lieu of an Entry
Sept 22 And That's the Truth
Sept 21 Media Madness
Sept 20 It Was Beary, Beary Fun
Sept 19 Euphemisms
Sept 18 How Quickly It Goes...
Sept 17 Goths, Visigoths and Vandals...oh my!
Sept 16 Alice Thru the Looking Glass
Sept 15 Speaking out
Sept 14 I'm a Winner!
Sept 13 What a Difference a Year Makes
Sept 12 Saturday in the Park with Sheila
Sept 11 The Albatross
Sept 10 The Rock
Sept 9 Leap-Frogging Up I-5
Sept 8 The Princess in my Motel Room
Sept 7 In the Name of Freedom
Sept 6 "Sit," "Sit down," "Sheila, sit down"
Sept 5 Just So Darn Charming
Sept 4 In the Dark
Sept 3 "You Need One of These"
Sept 2 Portals of the Past
Sept 1 Nuts and Chocolate
created 9/30/04 by Bev Sykes