Funny the World...

October 2006

Oct 31   WMPGs and Spiders
Oct 30   A Moveable Feast
Oct 29   Mr. and Mrs.
Oct 28   This Little Piggie Went to Market...
Oct 27   The Holy Grail
Oct 26   A Bed By Any Other Shape
Oct 25   17 Miles and Then Some More
Oct 24   Leave Off the Mascara
Oct 23   I'm Too Sleepy to be Awake at This Hour
Oct 22   On the Road with a Camera Phone
Oct 21   The "Good Old Days"?
Oct 20   Memorial
Oct 19   Know What I Mean, Jellybean?
Oct 18   Well, that was Short and Sweet...sorta
Oct 17   Halloween
Oct 16   I Give Up--Technology Wins and also Earthquake in Hawaii
Oct 15 Between the Lines
Oct 14 A Geek Rant
Oct 13 Bittersweet Memories
Oct 12 Plan Ahea...d
Oct 11 Collusion
Oct 10 Schmoozing
Oct 9 The Hood
Oct 8 Leaping Lizard
Oct 7 Yan Yuhuan Gets Drunk
Oct 6 My Kingdom for a Pimp
Oct 5 A Voice Stilled
Oct 4 The Dog Listener
Oct 3 A Little More Butter, Please
Oct 2 Keeping Arts Alive
Oct 1 Happy Days

created 9/39/06   by Bev Sykes