Funny the World...

October, 2000

Oct 1 Room With A View
Oct 2 Where the Wild Things Are
Oct 3 I Survived!
Oct 4 Keep the Wagons Moving
Oct 5 There's No Place Like Home
Oct 6 My Personal Trainer
Oct 7 Light Just One Little Candle
Oct 8 A Walk in the Woods
Oct 9 Advice for Tourists
Oct 10 The Care and Feeding of Steve
Oct 11 The Lady in Red
Oct 12 Keeping Up with Steve
Oct 13 Snippets
Oct 14 Steve Times 4 (a bit photo intensive)
Oct 15 My World
Oct 16 They Will Not Be Forgotten
Oct 17 To everything there is a season
Oct 18 Back to Basics
Oct 19 Computer Crash!
Oct 20 Sleepless in Seattle
Oct 21 Singing and Laughing in the Rain
Oct 22 Away We Go to an Island Fair
Oct 23 "I was OK until I got arrested"
Oct 24 Back to Home Base
Oct 25 The Americanization of Emily
Oct 26 ** NO ENTRY TODAY **
Oct 27 The Further Adventures of Thelma and Louise
Oct 28 Through Different Eyes
Oct 29 No more Adventures
Oct 30 Look to the Rainbow
Oct 31 The Creative Process

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