Funny the World...

November 2006

Nov 30   It's Time
Nov 29   He Finally Did It
Nov 28   Growing Up
Nov 27   Organization
Nov 26   Damn Ferrero Rocher
Nov 25   The Thanksgiving that Was
Nov 24   The Thanksgiving that Wasn't
Nov 23   A Bit of Thanks
Nov 22   Doin' the Puppy Mash Again
Nov 21   Cheap at 2/3 the Price
Nov 20   The Zen of Shopping
Nov 19   Honestly, Now...
Nov 18   I Don't Mean to be Critical, But...
Nov 17   Having the Last Word
Nov 16   Fifteen Seconds of Fame
Nov 15   It Couldn't Happen Here
Nov 14   Expletive (just barely) Deleted
Nov 13   You Want Me to Draw You a Diagram?
Nov 12   Gemma
Nov 11   My Kingdom for...
Nov 10   Terrible News!
Nov 9   Mess o' Pooh-tamia
Nov 8   The Rainbow Coalition
Nov 7   In Other Words--Get a Life, Beverly!
Nov 6   Bet Ya Can't Watch Just One
Nov 5   Not a Fashion Maven
Nov 4   That's Why
Nov 3   'Tis the Season
Nov 2   Catching Up
Nov 1   Boo at the Zoo

created 9/39/06   by Bev Sykes