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Funny the world in a world all alone
I feel like I've lost everything that I own
Funny the funnies aren't funny any more.
Funny the tears as they fall from my eyes
There are two kinds of tears--
one from truth, one from lies
There's a broken soldier,
who's going home...

--Paul Sykes
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May 31 Early Photoshop
May 30 Unclear on the Concept
May 29 Some Days You Just Have to Cry
May 28 Omigawd...it's Contagious!
May 27 Roller Coasters
May 26 T.G.I.S.
May 25 The Filler Meme
May 24 Kummerspeck
May 23 How the Other Half Lives
May 22 This Might Actually Go OK!
May 21 Got Nothin' for Ya
May 20 That's My Girl!
May 19 Bri's Surprise
May 18 The Full Day
May 17 The Big Day
May 16 Shake Down Cruise
May 15 Jack Bauer Lives
May 14 Our Day in Lots of Pictures
May 13 A Lovely Mother's Day
May 12 Sunday Stealing
May 11 Changes Keep Coming
May 10 Changing Seasons
May 9 Getting Ready
May 8 A Sad Day for Davis
May 7 The Rain Not in Spain
May 6 Blessed Facebook
May 5 Sunday Stealing
May 4 The Dishes Find a Home
May 3 Blank Calendar
May 2 Black Patent Leather Shoes
May 1 Evil Costco
Apr 30 Hate Speech