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Funny the world in a world all alone
I feel like I've lost everything that I own
Funny the funnies aren't funny any more.
Funny the tears as they fall from my eyes
There are two kinds of tears--
one from truth, one from lies
There's a broken soldier,
who's going home...

--Paul Sykes
f t s

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(last month's entries archived here)

May 31 Two Heads are Better than One
May 30 Op-Ed
May 29 A Near Miss
May 28 Jay's Walking
May 27 The Death of Equality
May 26 The Paul Picnic
May 25 Noah, Jimmy and Melissa
May 24 Clowning Around
May 23 The Family Vacation
May 22 I Thought the Depression was Over
May 21  One at a Time
May 20 Memorials
May 19 Says You x3, up with a Twist
May 18 Says You x3
May 17 Boston's Newest Resident
May 16 Time to Pack Your Bags
May 15 Cannibalism
May 14 The Tea Set
May 13 Lester, Meet Your New Dad
May 12 Peach, Under Protest
May 11 Mothers Day
May 10 My Afternoon with Harry
May 9 Ouch
May 8 Seven Weeks
May 7 Is This a Great Country or What?
May 6 Please Don't Play It Again, Sam
May 5 Move Over, Herman
May 4 Bits of Theatre
May 3 Come Rain or Come Shine
May 2 I'm not Feeling Well
May 1 ABCs of MeMeMe
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